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Scissor Tech Sale: 4 Special Deals Under $300

September 19, 2018

2020 Update! New Year-Round Deals:

Browse our new line of Premium Quality Apprentice Hairdressing Scissors here!

Spring time has officially come and gone in 2020, but whether it gets warmer or colder, hair continues to grow, people continue to need their hair cut! It’s a good thing that Scissor Tech Australia is going to help you with spring cleaning those messy manes with the Scissor Tech Year Round Deals!

4 Scissor Tech Year-Round Scissor Deals

Time to get rid of those rusty scissors and get the right ones to do the job with this special sale guide! With this, you’ll get the best deals from the sale for A$300 and below!

1. Matsui Apprentice Scissor Set

With the influx of customers, owners would want to have all hands on deck to answer to the demand. This means neophyte stylists need to step their game up to keep up with their seniors. If you’re a hairdressing apprentice who wants to perform at the professional level, you’ll need to have a set that answers to your needs.

Scissor Tech Australia

Matsui Aprentice Set


Established in 1998,Matsui Scissors have since proven to be a staple tool in the belt of every hairdresser. It is known for its excellent value for money, boasting a wide variety of scissors that suit all cutting styles, while being known as a comfortable tool to use. To provide ergonomic solutions that will help you, the Matsui Apprentice Set is designed to have a lighter weight than ordinary pairs of hairdressing scissors. This change in weight means there is less effort that needs to be exerted by your fingers to do the job. As an apprentice, this helps you conserve your stamina, especially on a busy day. All pairs are perfectly balanced by our blade smith here in Australia to provide a more efficient cutting motion, making sure that weight is distributed evenly so you never lose your grip.


2. Matsui Matte Black Offset Scissor Twin Set

Show off your sleek side when your customers come in this Spring with the Matsui Matte Black Offset Scissor Twin Set! Made with Matsui’s trusted Japanese cobalt-infused steel and designed with a mountain blade, this stylish pair adds strength in the middle of the scissors and adds rigidity at its tips to make this pair last longer.

Scissor Tech Australia

Matsui Matte Black Offset Scissor Twin Set

This set includes a 5.5" cutting scissor for Ladies cuts, slicing, and point cutting as well as a 6" cutting scissor for all your men's cuts/blunt cutting and scissor over comb work. Additionally, it comes with a scissor case, oil pen, cleaning cloth, and complimentary spare finger loops.

3. Matsui Rose Gold Offset Scissor Twin Set

Get that spring blush and bloom with Scissor Tech Australia’s Matsui Rose Gold Offset Scissor Twin Set! These beautifully crafted pair boasts its offset handle which allows a more open hand position for the arm and elbow to be in a lower position, making cutting a more comfortable and ergonomic task.

Scissor Tech Australia

Matsui Matte Rose Gold Offset Scissor Twin Set


4. Lefty 2018 Matsui Rose Gold Aichei Mountain Offset Scissor

Don’t want to get left behind the action this Spring as a southpaw? Then level up your game with the Lefty 2018 Matsui Rose Gold Aichei Mountain Offset Scissor! This elegant, light-weight scissors that are custom-made to perfection. Its razor-sharp Japanese steel helps the stylist push the customer’s hair onto the blade to make a softer cut. The choice of using a mountain blade for its design also allows for flexibility of styles since this pair is generally used for Chip, Blunt, and Point cutting.

Scissor Tech Australia

Lefty 2018 Matsui Rose Gold Aichei Mountain Offset Scissor


Thanks For Shopping With Scissor Tech Australia!

If these features for every pair doesn’t convince you yet, we guarantee a 100%lifetime warranty that will answer to all your concerns about the durability and sustainability of scissors! But that’s not all that you’re getting!  Limited sets and pieces come with high-quality storage cases, scissor oil, scissor tension adjuster, spare blades, microfiber cleaning cloth, and spare finger inserts.

Browse our full Scissor Tech Australia shop online and for any questions, please contact us here on the site or message us onFacebook anytime and we'll get back to you on Messenger!

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