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Be On The Cutting Edge With Matsui’s VG10 Pt. 2

September 13, 2018

On our previous article, we discussed the offset handle feature of the Matsui VG10 range, and how it provides an ergonomic design that prevents excess movements which ultimately alleviates unnecessary stress for the stylist. Coupled with the mountain blade feature that add strength and durability to the scissors, the lightweight model produces the best results for general styling functions.

In this second part of the series, we unravel the secret behind the VG10 Thinning Scissors and learn more about the future of hairdressing with Matsui Scissors under ScissorTech Australia.

Through Thick and Thin of Cutting

How a scissor cuts and what type of cutting it’s for, is affected by the hardness of its metal and its blade-type. It is also determined by the shape of the blade radius, specifically the radius size of the blade line, as the edge line is always curved.

Long slim scissors with narrow blades, match blunt work and heavy point cutting.  A long slim blade scissor has an edge angle of 50 - 55 degrees with a blade line radius of 900mm – 1000mm.

Broadleaf Hairdressing scissors are made for Slicing, Chipping and Fanning the hair. They have an edge angle of 32 - 35 degrees with a blade line radius of 600mm – 700mm.

As mentioned in the previous article, Mountain Blade Hair scissors have an edge angle of 40 - 45 degrees with a blade line radius of 850mm and are used for Chip, Blunt and Point cutting. It has the strength in the middle of the blade to help the hair fall into the cut.

Knowing that the VG10 Range is designed with Mountain Blades, it is also important to discuss the metal that comes with it to understand its function. Many premium scissors have blades made from steel that has been enhanced by combining other substances usually to make it stronger. Called as alloy-steels, they improve mechanical properties of metals to make the product stronger.

Cobalt is such an additive, increasing the strength of the metal and adding flexibility. A cobalt scissor, in this case, remains sharper for longer if looked after correctly.

Scissor Tech Australia

2018 Matsui Rose Gold VG10 Limited Edition Offset Triple Set


Accounting for all these factors, how does this affect the VG10 Thinning Shears? To discuss this, we need to know about thinning scissors in general. Decades ago, thinners tended to be cheap and had a bad reputation for not being able to cut hair cleanly, which caused split ends to customers. It was only when the “Radial Tulip Teeth” and the “Spade Mouth Slots” were introduced that the cuts were improved. Thinners are perfect for removing fade lines, blending layers on a concave bob, and anywhere lines of demarcation remain hidden. A traditional thinning shear features 30 to 40 teeth that are straight up and down and offer a medium to fine blend. Debulking shears feature fewer teeth: a 27-tooth shear leaves behind no lines of demarcation and is used for removing bulk, whereas those with 13 teeth are perfect for use on thick hair without movement.

With 30 radial tulip teeth on its blades, the VG10 Thinning Shears is definitely a tool for blending and texturizing hair. These shears naturally blend different levels of your hair due to its versatility. Moreover, with its ergonomic design and offset handle, it doubles as a finishing shear to give hair a soft, lived in look. With this pair of Thinning Scissors, you’ll never need to look for another one again!

In the last installment of this series, we’ll give you an offer you can never refuse! Don’t want to miss out on the final article? Book mark ourwebsite now, or follow us onFacebook!

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