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Razor Maintenance

Razor maintenance needs part of your daily schedule and will help you take the best care of your client’s facial hair. So here are a few helpful tips on how to keep your traditional razor in tip top shape.

  • Straight razors must be properly maintained in order to ensure their performance lasts and you’re getting the best value from your razor.
  • To avoid rusting, store your razor in a dry space away from draft or damp.
  • If not in use for lengthy periods rub blade and pivot mechanism, with a light oil to prevent rust and wear.
  • Stropping is the best method to sharpen your straight edge razor. -Strop only before shaving.
  • Clean the Strop with warm soapy water and dry before honing. This prevents metal particles in the strop damaging the blade.
  • Always pull the strop belt tight when honing the blade.
  • Direct movement towards the back of the blade, never towards the cutting-edge.
  • Work slowly and concentrate, mistakes can be expensive...Ouch!
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