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ScissorTech Product Feature: Yasaka Shears

October 08, 2018

When it comes to engineering and industrial standards, two countries reign supreme in the eyes of the world, namely Germany and Japan. Not surprisingly, these two countries are also the leaders when it comes to producing the highest quality of steel. However, in the last few decades, Japan has become the more prominent leader when it comes to producing steel products, more specifically, in scissors production. Japanese steel is considered to be the best quality scissor steel in the world due to the craftsmanship and continuing tradition, much like their artisanal culture in samurai sword production. In this article, we feature one of Japan’s lead producer of world class scissors, the Yasaka scissors.

What is the Yasaka Brand?

Yasaka is a Japanese scissor brand that has been traditional shear of stylists all over the world for over 40 years. Yasaka Shears use the highest quality of special stainless steel that is manufactured with only the finest purity of raw iron ores. This attention to detail is the reason why Japanese steel is considered to be the best quality scissor steel in the world. Some of the best characteristics of the selected iron  in Yasaka Shears include excellent hardness, wear and abrasion resistance, and resistance to corrosion. The scissor blades are made by state of the art manufacturing equipment that are handled by master craftsmen with unrivalled experience using high levels of quality control measures and unique production techniques. These blades are hardened, annealed in a complete vacuum, and sharpened. After these tedious and delicate steps, they are provided with a sub-zero treatment through a unique process until the scissors are finished to perfection.

Known as the first Japanese shears to be used by hairstylists all around the world, Yasaka owes its reputation to the flawless construction of its scissors that require minimal maintenance and serves its owners well for years to come.

The strength of Japanese scissors

Many premium scissors have blades made from steel that has been enhanced by combining other substances usually to make it stronger. Called as alloy-steels, they improve mechanical properties of metals to make the product stronger. Yasaka Shears are made with Cobalt, an additive, that increases the strength of its metal and adds flexibility. In this case, as a cobalt scissor, Yasaka’s creations, remain sharper for longer periods of time, if looked after correctly.

The Japanese Design of Yasaka

Japanese scissors are commonly known as a great option if you are doing lots of ladies’ cuts since they are designed to have a sharper convex edge on them for slicing and chipping. Yasaka Shears are made generally for this reason as seen in some of the clam-shaped blade designs.

Furthermore, these scissors are made to have a comfortable grip. The scissor has a smooth closing action to make cutting effortless and are designed with offset handles to make every cutting experience ergonomic, reducing strain on your hands.

Why Yasaka?

When you need both elegance and quality, Yasaka provides the best shears that money can buy. Hairdressers who purchased this product have given it glowing feedback reports. Because of the quality of the steel and resistance to corrosion, the beauty of these thinners won’t fade.

Explore our selection of Yasaka scissors for sale. Each piece is expertly designed with the needs of professional hairdressers and barbers in mind, and an ergonomic handle that fits your hand perfectly. It gives you maximum control for effortless, precision cutting. Yasaka shears are an investment and a must-have in the arsenal of any professional hairdresser.

Want to know more about Yasaka and our other products? Visit us at the the Scissor Tech Australiawebsite, or message us onFacebook for more details!

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