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5 Tips to Help You Cut the Perfect Fringe

April 16, 2019

Fringe hairstyles are some of the most requested hairstyles that hairdressers receive from clients. They are unforgiving haircuts as they hold the most attention out of all parts of the face and there are so many things that could go wrong. To make cutting fringes easier so that you can get that perfect fringe every single time, follow the simple tips below to help you conquer and master your
fringe cutting technique!


Fringe hairstyles


Check the Blades

When aiming to achieve the perfect fringe for your client, it is important to take into consideration the hairdressing scissors you are using. You need to avoid using dull scissors that will tug on the hair and make it even harder to cut the fringe.

Not sure when your hairdressing scissors are due for a sharpening service? You’ll notice the signs of a dull blade straight away when the hair starts to slip away from the blades as you cut it. This can cause uneven cutting lines, leaving you with a ruined fringe. Check out the Matsui collection from Scissor Tech for premium hairdressing tools that are created with high-quality Japanese steel, which will stay sharper for longer.

Matsui Damascus

2019 Matsui Damascus Offset Scissor – Scissor Tech


Choose the Right Pair of Scissors

Using the right pair of professional hairdressing scissors is crucial for getting the perfect fringe.

When cutting a blunt fringe, a scissor with long blades is recommended. The length of the scissors will allow you to cut an even line with one or two snips, whereas using short-bladed scissors requires multiple snips, which can result in a jagged fringe.

Cutting bangs that require a lot of texture and volume? Use a texturizing scissor that is made with many teeth to add layers. This type of thinner scissor is designed to ensure that only a small chunk of hair is cut off so that you do not end up cutting a large amount of hair.

Matsui Matte Black Offset Thinner

Matsui Matte Black Offset Thinner – Scissor Tech


Think Outside the Box

Remember, you are not limited to just hairdressing scissors when it comes to cutting hair. As a hairdresser, you have the creative freedom to try different hair tools and techniques to achieve different hairstyles. If you’re cutting a wispy fringe, why not opt to use a sharp razor to thin out the hair? A razor can also add a lot of texture while keeping the fringe super wispy.

The Cutlass Wood with Black Blade Razor

The Cutlass Wood with Black Blade Razor – Scissor Tech

Dampen the Hair

Cutting a fringe can be extremely nerve-racking for beginners as the fringe is the focal part of the hair and gets the most attention. Make your life easier by wetting the hair with some water and cutting it while it’s damp. This extremely simple tip will ensure that all loose strands of hair stick together so that you don’t miss any hair.

Try the Twist-Cut Technique

Going for that layered look? Try twisting the hair and then cutting it. This technique can make a huge difference as the end product will come out looking more texturized and wispier. Cutting hair without the twist will give you a blunt haircut that may take more effort to layer and thin out.

Feeling more confident with our simple yet effective tips? Why not grab a professional hairdressing scissor or a razor from Scissor Tech and start putting these tips into practice?

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