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Jaguar Scissors (Shears)

Since its establishment in 1932, JAGUAR has worked extensively on innovations for hairdressing scissors and barber scissors. JAGUAR also offers a high-grade range of brushes and electrical appliances. And with the introduction of the ThermoCut-System Jaguar TC in 2000, JAGUAR has transformed hair cutting into a full wellness treatment.

Professional Hair Scissors are one of the most important tools for a hairdresser. During the average haircut, scissor blades often will open and close up to 1000 timesIn order to make the motion that haircutting requires as relaxing and easy as possible, JAGUAR Scissors manufacturing adheres to the strictest quality standards. In order to produce such amazing shears, JAGUAR uses advancements in technology that allow for computer-controlled machines to operate with supreme precision.

However, as advanced as we get, the manual work of hair scissor specialists is indispensable: More than 120 working cycles including several quality checks are carried out for each pair of Jaguar Hairdressing Scissors. Their staff includes over 120 people who together produce 2,500 to 3,000 pairs of their scissors in Solingen, each and every day!

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