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If you’re looking for premium quality you’ve come to the right place.

Japanese steel is renowned for its premium quality and provides more payoff than you could imagine.  As soon as you pick them up you will notice the distinctive craftsmanship and ultimate sophistication and style.

Immerse yourself into the world of premium, high-precision cutting.

Experience Matsui!  Immerse yourself into the world of premium, high-precision cutting. You won’t miss a beat with your new premium scissors specifically designed for the professional hairdresser. 

Your working day just got easier. 

Don’t wait until you’re overdue for a new set of scissors!  Get the best results and experience the difference.

Matsui Scissors

Matsui Scissors was established in 1998, and have since proven to be a staple tool in the belt of every hairdresser. Made from high-quality Japanese steel, Matsui Hairdresser Scissors represent excellent value for money. Matsui offers a wide range of hairdressing scissors to suit all cutting styles, and are an extremely comfortable tool to use!

One of our favorite parts about this brand is that the scissors are not only high quality, but also come in a variety of colorful options.

There are a wide variety of hairdressing scissors available to suit all cutting styles and they are a supremely comfortable tool to use.