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Buy Our Hairdressing Scissors With Afterpay

Take advantage of hairdressing scissors Afterpay payments when you buy online from Scissor Tech. Afterpay is an excellent solution for attaining quality Scissor Tech products, and then paying them off over time!

Hairdressing is an art and a passion that we do because we love. It's not your average 9 - 5 Monday to Friday type of job where your tools of the trade are provided for you. In the beauty industry, quality tools aren't and shouldn't be cheap. That's why it's so great that we have something like Afterpay where we can attain what we need now, and pay it off over time.

Scissor Tech Australia Afterpay Details

Afterpay is a more comfortable way of purchasing new/updated scissors without feeling the hurt on your wallet. It makes sense and you can always choose to pay it off faster. Unlike other payment options, you don't need a credit check to use this.

Buying hairdressing scissors with Afterpay in Australia simply requires you to be of age (18 and up), have a valid Australia ID, Australian Bank Card, and to be able to make a legally binding contract. This modern day money transaction method makes online payments super easy and even enjoyable. 

You will definitely not believe it until you try it.

There are many businesses, stores, and online shops in Australia that let you pay with Afterpay. And thankfully, hairdressing tools like our superior quality hairdressing scissors are fully available via Afterpay.

Gain the privilege to buy all you need now and pay for it later in arranged, manageable, fortnightly installments. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your shopping anymore –whether you’re doing it online or right at the store.

Did you know that the Afterpay checkout method for all your purchases is spreading across Australia as fast as a kangaroo on steroids? Many customers are adapting to this new, trending payment method. More and more businesses are joining the ever-growing list of Afterpay stores.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying With Afterpay

  1. The Afterpay installments are made fortnightly.
  2. You are charged no interest when choosing the Afterpay payment method on all your purchases
  3. As one of many licensed afterpay shops, we do not need to perform a credit check on your card when you sign up.
  4. We believe you will honor your Afterpay installments and not face the penalties that come with not paying. Be careful to ensure that you pay your installments on to avoid any possible criminal, civil, and legal repercussions. 

Are There Charges For Failing To Pay My Afterpay Installments On Time?

At Scissor Tech Australia, we value our customer relationships and don't want you to lose the products you purchased from us.

As mentioned earlier, yes, there are charges for failing to pay your Afterpay agreed upon installments.

It is advisable to remember to honor your Australia Afterpay payment installments.

As a reminder, Afterpay stores offer you a privilege to do fortnightly payments which is a good time window for you to fulfill your commitments.

Failure to do so will result in the following penalties:

  1. Fee for missing installment payment: $10 fee 
  2. Fee for failure to make the missed repayment during that week: $7 fee Plus $10
  3. Fee for missing all Afterpay repayments: $68

Do I Have an Afterpay Store near me?

Scissor Tech Australia is one of many stores that accepts Afterpay payment services. As an Afterpay store, we sell quality hairdressing scissors for all your styling needs, for use at salons, or right in your own home.

Our professional hairdressing scissors product line consists of the best brands in the world; Yasaka, Matsui, Swarovski Elegance, and the unmatched Jaguar. Plus we have the same quality brands barber scissors offerings, and barber razors too. We also carry left-handed variants just in case you're a left-handed hair stylist.

What Scissor Tech Stores Use Afterpay?

Scissor Tech Australia is a international seller and all our stores are qualified for Afterpay payments. So if you're in Australia, hairdressing scissors Afterpay payments are available to you. Same goes for New Zealand, UK, US, and Canada. It helps us reach more customers with our superior hair cutting products. And it makes our products that much more affordable for you.

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