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Why You Should Own More Than One Pair Of Haircutting Scissors

February 27, 2023

You may be browsing through our website and feel a bit overwhelmed. There are so many different hairdressing scissors to choose from! What size, what colour, what handle? How can you pick just one?

Well that's where we come in. We know that purchasing scissors is a big investment. So let's discuss why you will most likely need to invest in more than one pair of scissors.


You'll notice that most of our scissors here at Scissor tech have an option to pick your size. Our scissors range in size from 5 inches - 8 inches. You may be wondering exactly which size you should get. We can help with that! Let's have a look at the different hair cutting techniques you use on a daily basis.

short Scissors

Short scissors are 5.5 inches or less. Smaller scissors are great for adding detail and texture to your cuts. Small scissors mean you can get small details. Think around the ears of a pixie cut. With small scissors you can break up the hard lines with the tip of your short scissors. They are also great for point cutting. The short blade of these scissors make it easier to cut into the hair without worrying about cutting your fingers.

Medium scissors

Medium length scissors range in size from 5.5 inches - 6.5. inches. These are your go to for mostly any cut. They are versatile enough you can use them for blunt cutting, layering, texturizing etc etc. Surely every hairdresser will have a medium scissor in their kit. You may find that a medium to large scissor, 6 inch or 6.5 inch, is best for straight line cutting. The less times you have to open and close your scissors while cutting a section, the better. This will ensure your lines are as straight and even as they can be! You will find that most thinning scissors and texturizing scissors come in 5.5 inch or 6 inch.

Longer scissors

Longer blades range in size from 6.5 inches- 8 inches. The longer scissors are commonly known as barber scissors. But we promise anyone can benefit from having these scissors at their station. They are known as barbering shears because their most common use is for scissor over comb. Having a longer blade means taking bigger sections and guaranteeing a perfectly straight line in that section. That being said, if you're not doing many mens cuts, you may still benefit from this shear. The length is great for cutting blunt bobs. The longer blades allow you to cut on the skin nice and smooth. Making sure you have perfectly straight lines. Have a look at some of our longer bladesHERE.


There are three main types of edges on scissors. The different blade edges can be used for a variety of different cutting techniques. What haircuts do you find yourself specialising in? Let us help you find which blade edges are best for you.

Beveled edge

Beveled edge blades are an older, trustworthy style of blade. The beveled edge is also known as the German edge. Most German scissors will have the beveled edge. The beveled edge blade will give you a nice smooth cut. It is not as sharp as other edges but it can still cut. The great thing about it not being too sharp is that the hair does not just slide off. This means that it will help with blunt cutting hair, keeping it in place better. A beveled edge will last longer and is definitely the work horse of edges. However you may want to consider a different blade if you do a lot of slide cutting or slicing.


Convex blades originated in Japan. This super sharp edge is amazing for more advanced haircutting techniques. The Convex edge is more delicate, meaning you may not want to use it for blunt cuts. But slide cutting? This baby is for you ! The super sharp edge guarantees no pulling of your client's hair. A convex edge will most likely be more expensive as you will need a high end japanese steel to keep that edge. The convex edge is also more sensitive. It is a thinner more precise edge that while very sharp, will damage easily if dropped or bumped around.

Semi convex

Semi Convex blades are a great hybrid of beveled edge blades and convex blades. They are a great all rounder, sharp and sturdy. You can use them for blunt cutting, point cutting, slide cutting.... the list goes on and on.

Thinning and Texturizing scissors

Thinning scissors are a must have for hairdressers and barbers. Thinning shears have one blade that is straight and one blade that has teeth. They can have anywhere from 25- 40 teeth. Thinning scissors are there to remove weight, blend and finish hair cuts. You can use them to remove weight from the interior of your cuts, by going no more than half way up the hair shaft and cutting there. You can use them to soften straight, blunt lines. Hair thinning scissors can be used similarly to regular scissors and you can point cut with them to remove weight and add texture. Barbers love thinning scissors as they help to give fades a smooth, blended finish. Have a look at some of our different thinning scissorsHERE.

Texturizing shears are another scissor you may consider adding to your collection. A texturising scissor has one straight blade and then one blade with teeth. Unlike the thinning scissor, it has anywhere from 4-20 teeth. The wider gap in teeth means it is great for removing more hair. Texturizing shears can be used for adding a lot of great, chunky texture. The less teeth it has, the more hair will be removed. A 14 teeth texturizer is great for wispy, textured bangs or short hair with a choppy textured top. Definitely a scissor worth knowing ! ClickHERE to see our 14 tooth texturizing shear you are sure to love!

The many reasons you need more scissors!

We have now taught you all you need to know when you choose scissors. Hopefully you have learned why you should consider buying more than one hairdressing scissor. We truly believe if you are doing different cuts you will need different scissors. However, there is one main reason you need more than one pair of scissors! And that is every hairdresser needs a back-up pair. If you're a true believer in only one scissor ( we get it! We have our favourites too) , and then you need yours sharpened, or even worse, repaired- you still need a back up pair! 

If you still need help deciding on your next scissor, scissor set, or the perfect back up pair, Let one of our friendly customer service people help you make the right choice!

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