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Does It Matter What Cutting Comb To Use

March 13, 2023

When cutting hair we need a good pair of scissors, but we also need a few other accessories to keep us going. Our hair cutting combs are important as well. How many combs do we need to cut hair? Let us help you choose the best combs for your tool kit!

Fine tooth comb or wide tooth comb

Which hair comb do you need? Let's break down the different combs and which is the right tool for you!

  • Fine tooth comb- A fine tooth comb has teeth that are placed close together. A fine tooth comb is used to achieve a tighter tension when cutting hair. The fine teeth keep tension tight, ensuring a perfect cut. These can be used on all hair types to give very sharp, precise lines. They are especially good for cutting thin hair as having tighter tension will make for straight lines, and thin or fine hair can show mistakes easier.
  • Wide tooth comb- A wide tooth comb is great for a thicker, curlier hair texture. Using a wide tooth comb will keep the tension looser. A loose tension is good for curly hair as it will keep the edges soft and the curls looking their best. It is also good to have a wide tooth comb in your tool kit to help comb knots out of longer hair. The wide teeth are great to help remove knots and keep the hair in good condition. They are also a must have for styling. They will help you soften curls after you have styled hair.

The cutting comb

You may want to consider specific cutting combs when cutting hair. The standard cutting comb will have two parts. One side will have wider teeth while the either side will have fine teeth. This gives you the best of both worlds when cutting hair. You may also find that some cutting combs have one shortened and spaced out tooth. This is perfect for creating hair sections. You will also find the perfect cutting comb will help you measure. This means that when a client asks for "a centimetre off" your comb will have a centimetre measurement for you to show them. These little added features will make your life so much easier!

What Material should you choose?

If you're on the comb search you have probably come across some plastic ones, rubber ones or even carbon combs. Which should you choose?

  • Plastic- Plastic combs are easy to come by and are most affordable. Their affordability is a huge plus. However, if you are dealing with different types of hair texture these combs may not be for you. Most Plastic is not heat resistant and may break easily.
  • Rubber- Rubber is great for high heat and is also chemical resistant. Rubber makes for a very smooth comb that will feel nice on the scalp and won't pull on the hair. Rubber is strong, yet flexible so you can get those hard to reach areas, like behind the ear, great for detail work.
  • Carbon- Carbon is also a very strong, durable material. Carbon is also used to help prevent static and frizz in hair. If you do a lot of dry cutting this is the right comb for you!

Barber combs

If you're a barber or find that you have many short hair cut clients, you may want to consider a few other combs. 

A good barber comb will be made from either rubber or good plastic. The teeth may be a little wider apart and will be the same length and width for the whole comb. This is the best comb to use when doing scissor over comb and will ensure that you get the desired length right every time.

You will also need a proper clipper comb. A good clipper comb will be made from a strong rubber or plastic. It needs the strength to hold up to your clipper blade. It will also be flexible so that you can reach anywhere on the head. You'll find the best barber combs also have a sturdy handle. This style comb is a must for blending, trimming and tapering a haircut. 

Now which comb will you choose?

This decision is totally up to you ! We hope this blog has helped you decide which is the best cutting comb for you to add to your tools !

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