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Does It Matter Which Clippers To Use

February 20, 2023

We are a scissor company, but we also understand the importance of all the other tools you use in your day to day cutting. Every barber, and most hairdressers, will need a pair of hair clippers for different short haircuts. We are here to help you choose what are the best clippers for you !

Corded or Cordless hair clipper

This is a big debate amongst barbers these days. Cordless or corded hair clippers? Well this depends on you!

Professional barbers spend the majority of the day with their hair clippers in hand. Of course it seems best to choose a cordless hair clipper, but that may not always be best suited for all of your clients. The best part of cordless hair clippers is that they are easy to use. Without having a cord to tie you up your cuts may be quicker. Having no power cord attached also means you can move around easier and if you need to change stations, it's a breeze ! Cordless clippers however can only cut hair for a certain amount of time before they need to be charged again. So if you choose to go cordless you have to remember to charge them between clients, there is nothing worse than a clipper dying mid cut ! A professional hairstylist may choose a cordless because they will most likely be doing less cuts and also will be using different stations throughout their day.

Cordless clippers sound amazing ! So why would anyone use corded hair clippers? Hair clippers with cords are known for being more powerful. There have been huge strides taken to get cordless hair clippers to the corded hair clipper level, however they are not quite there yet. So often very busy barbers, that have clients with thick hair, will often have a pair of corded clippers as well. Clients with textured or curly hair will often need a hair clipper with a power cord attached to help get all that power they need to remove weight in a haircut. Corded clippers are also great because they do not rely on a battery. This means you do not have to worry about them ever dying.



There are 3 different types of motors one can choose from for their hair clippers. There is the magnetic motor, the rotary motor and the pivot motor.

Magnetic motors are the weakest of the three. They are simple, fast and cheaper. Their blades move fast and are great for high volume cutting.

Pivot motors are stronger than the magnetic motor. Their blades move slower than the magnetic.

The rotary motors are the strongest and most popular. Some of the most well known clippers are made with a rotary motor. It is strong and fast. They can cut any hair type, wet or dry!


When choosing a pair of clippers you want to make sure they include all the accessories you will need when using them. A good hair clipper will come with multiple comb attachments. These guide combs are a must for cutting hair. Comb attachments should come in guard sizes .5,1,1.5,2,3,4. When blending hair having different guard attachments helps to get smoother blends. These guard sizes also guarantee you give your client their desired length cut. Quality guide combs will be made from either metal or hard plastic. You want blade guards that are strong but still have a little bit of give and can help lift hair as you cut it. Good comb attachments will click on to the blades easily while still being tight and not moving.

Most good quality hair clippers will also have a taper lever. This will come attached to the clipper. This is a must have for fades. This lever allows you to move the clipper blade in small increments to make your fades smooth!

Along with the guards/ attachments, a good quality hair clipper should include everything you need to take care of them. You will want a cleaning brush and clipper oil. A small clipper brush is great for removing any loose hair left on the clipper blade. Similar to how we clean our scissors, hair clippers need to be cleaned and oiled regularly. You should also use a lubricating, sanitising spray, such as Andis Cool Care, between clients to keep your clippers clean. Some of the best hair clippers out there will also include a small screwdriver. This is to help you tighten and loosen the screws of your clippers so you can clean them correctly. It is important to keep your clipper blades cleaned, oiled and lubricated. It is important to always remove excess oil from your clippers, as it is not good for their motor.

A lot of hair clippers will also come with a barber comb. These combs are great for many different barbering skills, like cutting, or clipper over comb. 

Different Clipper blades

You will also want to choose which cutting blade is best for you. There is a regular taper blade and a fade blade. The fade blade was created to help do a skin fade. The blade has a much smaller gap, therefore can help remove even the smallest of lines. However, if most of your clients are a quick trim or buzz cut a taper blade will work just fine. Some hair clippers now only come with a fade blade, so it is important to make sure you are buying a blade that will work best for you.

The best hair clippers....

are the ones that work for you. If you're a busy barber who does not stop all day long you may also want to take into account the weight of the clippers. Here at Scissor Tech we are firm believers in taking the best care of your hands and wrists! We hope this has helped you decide which are the best hair clippers for you ! 

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