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Why It's Bad To Cut Dirty Hair

December 29, 2022

Isn't it the best when your client arrives for their haircut appointment with clean hair ! The dream client right ? Sometimes as a stylist it is hard for us to put our foot down and insist a client wash their hair prior to their cut. Some may even prefer that you do not wash it at the basin either. Well we are here to tell you why it is important to educate your client's , and give them an amazing cut, on freshly washed hair.

Dirt, Sand, Build up.. OH MY!

Many salons include a shampoo in the cost of their services, however not all do! A client may try to save money by not getting their hair washed at the shampoo bowl. They may say that they will wash their own hair before a haircut. This may sound great, but you may not be able to guarantee squeaky clean hair.

Cutting hair that is clean is important to hair stylists. One big reason is that unwashed hair may lay differently when it's clean versus dirty. As a stylist you want to see how your clients hair will look after it is washed and styled. A client may have worn a pony, or curled their hair, and if you try to cut their hair without washing it you may end up with uneven parts. The natural oils of the hair and scalp can also make a stylists job harder.

Hair that hasn't been washed may have dirt, sand or hair products still in it. These are all bad for your scissors and other tools. You spend a lot of money on your tools, you need to protect them. Cutting hair with product or dirt in it can dull your blades quicker. Sand in your clients hair can damage the sharp edge of your scissor. Washing hair before a haircut can remove any dirt or product build up, and insure that your scissors stay sharper longer. Similarly, many barbershops do not shampoo a client before a cut. While this is normal practice, it may not be best. Constantly using clippers on hair with product in it can cause the blades to dull quicker and also make them sticky. Greasy hair and oily hair will also have the same effect on scissors and clippers. If a client has gone days without washing their hair and you can see just how oily it is, it can cause damage to your tools. Dull scissor blades with then begin to push, pull or bend hair, not ideal!

Let us not forget that your clients come to you , the hair stylist, for all their hair needs. It is your job to teach them proper hair care. The best way to show them how to shampoo their hair, and what products they should use.. is to do it for them! This is another big reason you should be washing their hair at your salon! Make them feel comfortable and give them an enjoyable experience and they will continue to return to you!

Dry cutting

Now any professional stylist will know about the rise of the Dry Cut! Dry cutting hair is a great way to cut. You can see just how the hair will fall. This technique is great for different hair textures. However, the hair texture that benefits the most from dry cutting is curly hair! Dry cutting curls can help form them perfectly, ensuring they always sit where you want them to.

When dry cutting hair it is still important to have clean hair! You'll want to wash hair at the shampoo bowl and then blow dry hair at your station. Make sure you are dry cutting on completely dry hair! If not all the hair is dry you may end up with uneven lengths.

Having the right tools for a dry haircut is very important! You will need your Matsui Shears, blow dryer and proper attachments. For curly hair make sure you are using a diffuser for styling curly hair and making sure it sits how you want to cut! For straight hair, make sure you have a nozzle that will help you get the hair smooth and straight, perfect for dry cutting!

Which do you prefer

Wet cut or dry cut? This almost always comes down to the stylists preference and clients hair type. Clean or dirty hair? Well technically this is your decision as well, but we highly recommend a clean scalp and hair! It will not only benefit you the hairstylist but your clients as well !

We hope we have given you some food for thought. So the next time a client sits in your salon chair with yesterday's dry shampoo, you are confident enough to explain to them why you will be washing their second day hair... today!

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