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How Many Teeth Do I Need On My Thinning Scissor

December 19, 2022

You've bought a new pair of scissors and now you have caught up on some great Scissor Tech blogs, and you're ready for your next investment. Time to buy a pair of thinning scissors! These scissors are not only cool looking, but they are very handy to have in your tool kit! Let us help you decide which ones you will need.

What exactly are hair thinning scissors

You have seen them before, and probably questioned why someone needs such a weird looking pair of scissors. What's with all the teeth?

A thinning scissor consists of one straight blade and one blade made up of teeth. Thinning scissors can range in amount of teeth anywhere from 5 teeth to 40 teeth. These teeth remove different amounts of hair. More teeth means less hair is removed, less teeth removes more hair. 

Why would you want to remove hair? Thinning shears remove weight without removing any length. Thinning scissors will not cut hard blunt lines, instead it will remove every few hairs, resulting in a softer line. 

Using thinning scissors

As we mentioned above, the main reason for having thinning scissors is to remove weight. How exactly does that work?

Using a 40 tooth thinning scissor will remove less hair , however they are best for removing weight. A thinning scissor like this can be used to just remove weight at the ends of the hair. Simply brushing the ends of a cut with your scissor will soften blunt lines and blend different lengths. This is why thinning scissors are also known as finishing shears or blending shears. They are great for creating soft, wispy, blended layers. Thinning scissors will soften lines . Many stylists also use them when cutting men's hair as they are great for blending fades, or helping to connect the tops and sides of a cut. You can also use a thinning scissor to cut more of the interior of a cut. This is the best to do on thick hair. You can use this technique to remove as much weight as you need.

Then of course there are the scissor blades with fewer teeth. These are often referred to as texturizing shears or texture shears. They are used for chunkier weight removal. Want some short messy texture? These scissors are the best shears for the job. They remove chunks of weight giving you that messy appearance. These are great for those with very straight, thicker hair.

How not to use thinning scissors

Well we have taught you all about the different types of thinning shears available to you and how to use them. However, these scissors can be quite controversial, and for good reason. They definitely are not for everyone.

It is important to consider what kind of hair you are cutting with these scissors. They can be used on longer hair, or short hair. We do not recommend you use them to remove weight on finer hair. Using them on fine hair, or thin hair can lead to lines and holes. If you want to use them to blend and soften lines, you may use a 40 tooth scissor, sparingly on thin or fine hair. We do not recommend using a 5- 15 tooth thinning scissor on anyone with fine hair, as they will definitely leave holes.

It is important to note that when using thinning shears you should use them on dry hair. Using them on wet hair will remove too much hair, and may not be an accurate way of seeing where you should be removing weight from.

A common concern is curly hair. It is not recommended that you use thinning scissors, with any amount of teeth, on curly hair. There are other cutting techniques one can use to texturise and remove weight. Using thinning scissors on curly hair can often lead to frizz.

You may find some clients fear the thinning scissor. That is most likely because not all stylists are trained properly in using them. It is important to remember that thinning scissors should be more focused on the end of the hair shaft. You do not want to cut too far up the hair shaft, or close to the root as it will end in fly aways and hair that just sticks up. Never use thinning shears past the middle of the hair, to be safe.

Your next pair of thinning scissors....

are just a step away. You can check out our different optionsHERE. Whether you're thinking of adding texturizing shears or thinning shears to your repertoire, we are here to help! Still not sure what thinning scissor is best for you? Our very friendly customer service people are here to answer any questions you may have ! We will help you find the best thinning scissors for you!

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