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How To Add Texture To Long Hair

January 03, 2023

These days it seems like everyone is obsessed with texture! We get it ! Who doesn't love a lived in, textured style? If you're looking for ways to add texture, volume or body to longer hair, you have come to the right place. Let's dig a bit deeper into texture and how to get it!


First things first, if you want textured hair it has to start with your haircut. Not all hair is easy to achieve a textured look. However, there are some ways you can cut longer hair so it is easier to give it a textured finish and help it stand out from a traditional cut.

  • Layers- Adding layers to long hair can help to lighten it up. Of course not all hair types are going to do well with layers. Long, thick hair will do best with layers, and help to add texture to it. Fine hair is a little harder to layer. With finer, thin hair you may want to stick to light long layers, as a lot of layers will make it too thin.
  • Texturising- When cutting longer hair you can use scissors or texturising scissors to remove weight and add movement. Using your regular scissors you can point cut the ends of the hair to remove hard lines and soften layers. This technique can be used to add a lot of texture, by deeper point cutting, or you can just texture the ends. Texturizing scissors are great for thicker hair. They will remove hair and give it a chunky texture, without losing any length.
  • Razor cut- Razor cutting is another great form of texturising a haircut. You can use either a straight edge razor or a texture razor. The razor really helps to break up the ends of the hair and give it a lot of undone texture. Razor cuts are great for straight hair or wavy hair texture, we do not recommend using it on super thin hair or curly hair. And a razor should always be used on wet hair to prevent split ends.

These are the easiest ways to add texture to your hair cut and make it even easier to style. Of course there are different techniques you can use for different hair types. If your client has super straight hair they will need different texturising techniques then a client with curly hair. 

Styling products

Next up is our products! Using products will help us with adding texture to almost all hair, yes even flat hair. 

  • Dry Shampoo- this product is an everyday life saver! Really, who doesn't use dry shampoo these days. Not only is it great for helping you keep your second day hair, but it is also great for adding some texture. Dry shampoo is added to dry hair and gives it a dirtier, messier finish. It is great for working with the natural texture of ones hair. It does dry up the hair's natural oils, which isn't always the best for your hair, but is great for texture!
  • Texturizing Spray- Similar to dry shampoo this spray will help add texture to your hair. It can be used in wet or dry hair, before or after blow drying, depending on your finished look. In the texturizing spray category is also sea salt spray. This spray is great on wet hair or damp hair. Once it dries it will give your hair that amazing beachy finish we all love !
  • Texture Powder- Is great to create volume and add some lift to roots that are falling flat. Only apply a bit of this at the roots and rub it in.


Well you've given your client the perfect cut and given them the best product, now its time to style. Styling long hair with texture can look a few different ways. 

  • Blow dryer- You can use a blow dryer to add volume to most hair textures. It is a great tool for those with long, straight hair that want more body. If you blow-dry against the natural fall you can achieve more body at the roots of the hair. For curly hair you can use a diffuser to help with the textured look.
  • Curling iron - or a curling wand. These two will give you more curls. You can use either to achieve those awesome beachy waves.
  • Natural- Of course some clients with long hair only need some layers, texturising and product to get that perfect textured finish. All they have to do is let their hair dry naturally. Some with straighter hair may find that leaving their hair to dry in French braids will give them all the messy, beachy hair they dream of.

That's some texture you got there!

Now that you know we can achieve awesome texture on any hair length, it's time for you to give it a go. Don't be scared to help your long haired clients achieve their hair goals!

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