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Why Do You Need To Tighten Your Hair Scissors Every Day

April 24, 2023

A hairdressers station is full of expensive equipment. From our scissors to our clippers, we invest a lot of time and money to ensure we are the best, and we use the best stuff! Part of our job is keeping our investments working their best. Here's some insight into tightening your hairdressing scissors, loosening them and everything tension!

Why must you check the tension of your scissors!

You've just received your new scissors from scissor tech, inside your protective case you have found our handy Scissor maintenance kit. Everything you need for proper maintenance of your hair scissors is in that kit ! By now you have come across a small round "key". This key is used to adjust the tension of your hairdressing scissors.

Over time you may feel as if your hair cutting scissors are not performing as well as they once did. You may find that the scissors push, bend or even fold hair as you are cutting. This is never a good sign. This could mean a few things, first, Did you drop your scissors? Or maybe bump them on your station? If you have, your scissors are damaged. Stop using them now and call your professional scissor sharpening service to prevent further damage.

Scissor blades that are properly tensioned will stay sharp longer. If tension is too tight the blade edges are rubbing together too much which can cause damage to the cutting edge. If they are too loose, the hair scissors will bend and fold hair while you cut. Scissors that are too tight can also lead to hand fatigue, wrist pain and even carpal tunnel syndrome. If your hands are feeling extra tired at the end of the day this is a sign to check your hair scissors.

The correct tension will keep those blades sharper for longer. We promise if you take proper care of your scissors they will last longer and cut hair like butter!

Scissor Care 

Let's have a look at some of the most important rules of scissor care that you should be following along with adjusting the tension of your hair cutting scissors. 

Your hair shears should always be stored in a protective scissor case. This will ensure you do not cause any serious damage to your tools. A scissor case will help protect them from any accidental drops.

Cleaning your hairdressing scissors between every client's hair cut is a must ! We provide you with a soft cleaning cloth to help. Simply wipe your scissor blades clean after every haircut. This will help remove any hair or hair products that may build up on your blades. Regular cleaning of your scissors will help prolong their life.

Avoid harsh chlorine, chemicals and even large amounts of water. Allowing your scissors to sit in water or any chemical will only lead to rust and corrosion.

Don't forget to always make sure you're cutting clean hair and never use your scissors for cutting anything but hair !

Adjusting your scissors

First things first- let's check our tension. To do so hold your hair scissors with the blades pointing up. Lift the thumb finger ring open to more than 45 degrees. Drop the thumb ring. If it drops below 20 degrees or completely closes, your scissors are too loose. If it says open at 45 degrees or more, your scissors are too tight. You should be doing this at least once in a working day to ensure your hairdressing scissors are the correct tension.

To adjust the tension of your haircutting scissors, you will need that handy tension key we mentioned. Some scissors do have a tension adjusting screw built into the scissor. You can simply turn the screw to tighten or loosen. If you're using a tension key, find which part fits into the flat screw. Tighten by turning to your right or loosen to the left. Making sure you only adjust by small increments. Over turning the tension screw can lead to damage and improper alignment.

Preventing tension from loosening too often

If you find your shears are becoming loose quite often you may want to check for any missing or worn parts. Missing bumpers can cause your alignment to be off when cutting hair. This will lead to misalignment of the blades and tension issues.

Cut smaller sections of hair. If you are cutting thicker hair, take smaller sections. Forcing your shears to take big sections is bad for your blades, and you! Making your scissors work too hard will loosen the tension and dull your blades. This will also cause sore hands and other hand and wrist issues.

Last but certainly not least...

Get those scissors sharpened! If you have cleaned, cared and properly adjusted your scissors and they're still not right, it may be time for a scissor sharpen! 

Keep your tension right .... and those amazing hair cuts will keep coming !

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