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Top 3 Razors To Have In Your Hairdressing Kit

April 17, 2023

Razor cuts are a skill that every hairstylist must learn over time. Using a razor can change the way you cut hair and keep your clientele happy. If you don't have the following three razors in your hairdressing kit.. you're missing out !

Feather Razor

The feather razor is probably the most commonly used razor in the hair salon, and you will most likely find one in your hairstylist starter kit. It has a straight single blade razor with a razor guard that has teeth, or grooves. This blade is attached to a straight razor handle with a finger hole and finger rest at the end. The feather razor is one of the best razors to use when giving razor cuts. The toothed blade guard will ensure you are giving lots of texture and movement. The more you move the blade up and down a section the more texture you will achieve. This will give you an amazing choppy texture. 

When using a feather razor it is important to make sure you have fresh, sharp razor blades. Cutting hair with a dull razor can lead to split ends and one very uncomfortable client. A feather razor is best used on thick hair. You can use a feather razor on thinner hair but it must be used sparingly. When giving a razor cut it is important to remember to always cut on wet hair. 

Razor Comb

A razor comb is similar to a feather razor. It is used for adding alot of texture. However it is a straight handle with a comb on the end. Under the comb at the razor head is where you can place two regular straight razor blades. Razor combs can be used to add alot of texture, or just sections of texture. They are a great tool for blending hair cuts as well. 

Barbers should be a big fan of the razor comb. It is a great tool to remove weight when blending the sides of a cut to the top. Using a razor comb to blend the parietal ridge will give a softer and well blended finish. Like all razors it is important to remember to use fresh blades and always in wet hair to make it most comfortable when removing hair.

Straight Razor

This razor may not be as popular as the other razors, but it is certainly a great tool to learn and love. It is typically used by barbers as a facial razor to get the closest shave you could ever get! But did you know that hairdressers use them too?

Straight razors can be used for facial shaving, neck shaving and even haircuts. Learning to use one of these to do razor cuts can be a bit scary. Unlike a traditional safety razor a straight razor is a single blade with no guard. They were designed to give a very close shave with no ingrown hairs or razor bumps. However, this extra sharp razor can give you great texture for your haircuts. Every time you use it you need to change to a fresh disposable razor blade to prevent any cross contamination. 

You would use this razor like you would a feather razor. Moving the blade up and down more to achieve more texture. However with this razor we must be careful of our fingers and hands. You can even use a straight razor without a blade cover to do the perimeter of a haircut and give the ends light and wispy.

If you have male clients, using a razor is an important skill to have. You can use a straight razor to give a smooth shave of the neck area. This is a man's favourite part of a haircut ! Of course this is something that takes a lot of time to learn and not to be taken lightly. If you have male clients this is an important add on service to have, and takes just a few minutes. Get this right and these clients will be returning to you over and over again.

Which Razor will you choose?

No matter which razor you choose to use you will need to practice. Razor cutting is a real skill and takes time, practice and patience to get it right, no matter which razor you use ! 

If you're looking for a good razor to use many of our scissor sets include a free razor and razor blades ! Check out our selection HERE at ScissorTech. 

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