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Best Razor For Barbers

May 01, 2023

Barbers are known for giving the closest shave you will ever receive. Whether you're a barber just starting out, or an adventurous man who wants to have a traditional shave at home, we have the razor knowledge to help you out ! Let's have a look at the best straight razors for the best shaves!

Traditional Cut Throat

It is important to note that a traditional straight razor will not be used in a barbershop in this day and age. This is due to strict sanitisation rules requiring that a fresh blade be used on every client. However we do believe that if you can master the art of the straight razor, this is a must have for any man, and since it's the original blade used by barbers ( hello... sweeney todd!) we think it deserves its own mention!

A traditional cut throat, or straight razor, is known for its super sharp blade and even closer shaves. The traditional straight razors are ones that have a single hollow ground blade sharpened to a sharp cutting edge. Like our scissors they are typically made from hard Japanese steel. The blade folds into a handle. This is for protection, because these blades can be very sharp.

The traditional straight razors use a leather strop for sharpening. This in itself is a skill, like learning to use a straight razor. You can sharpen this stainless steel straight razor blade by rubbing it along the leather strop. Not only do you look like a total boss using one, but your face will thank you as well. The straight razor will give you the closest shave that will last longer then any shave! And also help prevent ingrown hairs. Modern razors can sometimes have up to 5 blades. While you may get a close shave, you will most likely experience ingrown hairs or bumps. This is due to them actually removing a layer of skin and going over it more than once. So these old school cut throats are the way to go if you have sensitive skin but want a closer shave!

This premium traditional razor from Dovo Solingen is great for any skill level and will really up your grooming game. It is made from strong carbon steel and the blade width is the perfect width and weight for more control, giving you the best straight razor shave one can get.

Shavette style straight razors

The shavette style straight razor is the most popular straight razor found in the barber shop today. There are two types of shavettes. The classic, which is similar to the traditional straight razors with a folding handle. Or the Kamisori style shavette razor. The Kamisori style is a one with a straight handle. It all comes down to personal preference, whether you choose a straight or folding handle, your client will still be getting a very smooth shave.

Straight Razors are known for their disposable blades. These are a must for professional barbers. Changing the razor blade between clients ensures there is no chance of cross contamination between clients. A new blade also helps to ensure your client is getting the smoothest, quality shave you can give.

We love the Matsui Shavette which you can findHERE. It has a classic black wooden folding handle and is easy to use. It is quick and easy to replace blades. This bad boy is good looking, affordable and one of our  go to barber razors. It also comes with a free cartridge razor blade pack.

If you're looking for a Kamisori style straight handle, Have a look at the Feather Artist club straight razor. This high quality straight razor has some good weight behind it and with its one touch spring mounted mechanism changing blades is very simple.

Safety razor

If you're just learning to use a straight razor or have encountered a client with difficult facial hair and skin, a safety razor may be your best straight razor option. 

Safety Razors have a protective device to prevent cutting yourself when shaving with a straight razor blade. These razors use the same straight razor blades as the shavette, which guarantees a fresh, sharp blade every time. Using a fresh blade ensures a close shave, with little to no irritation. We recommend choosing a safety razor over most new age razors with multiple blades. One blade that is super sharp is way better than 3 or more blades. Safety razors help prevent any straight razor cuts or nicks as well. 

The MOS Adjustable Double Edge Razor has a butterfly head so changing straight blades is easy as. This razor also has 6 settings to adjust every skin and hair type. The quality construction of this razor is easy to see with its premium gold accents that make it really stand out!

Straight razor shaving...

is an art ! And any of these straight razors mentioned are the perfect paint brush for you to use. Whether you're a master barber, apprentice or just a lover of all things shaving the straight razors we've mentioned are some of the best razors out there! We promise they won't let you down!


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