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Why a quality station matt is essential for caring for your scissors

June 27, 2023

If you've come across this blog you are most likely searching for the best ways to keep your hairdressing scissors and barber scissors in the best shape you can. Well you have come to the right place. We love nothing more than giving you great scissors and teaching you how to keep them safe and sharp!

Damage to you hair cutting scissors

There are all different types of damage that can happen to our hair cutting scissors. If we talk about the different damages that can happen, we can then teach you how to fix or prevent these problems!

  • Dull blades- Dull blades can happen from a variety of things. No matter what you do over time your blades will start to dull and you will need to sharpen scissors. It can be from normal wear or tear or from not caring for your scissors regularly. Premature wear can also happen if you use your hair cutting scissors for other things such as to cut paper. You may feel as if your scissor blades are bending or pushing hair.
  • Nicks, nich or blade damage- This normally happens from dropping our scissors or hitting them on a hard surface. It can also happen over time if the tension on your scissors is too tight causing the two blades to constantly rub against one another. If your scissor blades feel like they're grinding or catching hair, this is a tell tale sign of a nick or nich. 
  • Misaligned blades- This can happen from either dropping or hitting your scissors or not checking tension regularly. This will often result in bending or folding hair while you are cutting.
  • Rust or corrosion- While our scissors are made from Quality japanese steel, if they are not properly cared for they can rust or corrode over time.

Why you need a scissor mat

While a scissor mat may not solve all your problems, it can certainly help solve a large amount of them.

A scissor mat is a high quality raised rubber mat. Sounds simple right ? This mat has a number of ways it can improve the life of your scissor blades.

The raised bumps on the rubber mat help to keep your scissors elevated. This means that if there is an accidental spill of water or hair colour you scissors are raised and away from the spillage. If scissors are left sitting in water or any other chemical for long periods of time this can lead to rust or corrosion of the blades.

A scissor mat can also help protect your hairdressing scissors and other cutting tools from any drops. The rubber helps to keep your scissors safely on your station. With a mat like this the grip will keep them from accidentally falling on to the floor or placed down hard on your station surface. It makes for a great, safe place to store scissors while you cut hair. 

We also love a scissor mat because it protects your station. It keeps spills off your space and since it's rubber it is set up for easy cleaning. You can simply rinse off any spills or brush hair off of it.

Other ways to protect your hairdressing scissors

  • Cleaning- Between every haircut it is important to remember to clean your scissors. Use a soft cloth to wipe any hair, dirt or products off the blades. Doing this will help keep your blades sharp longer.
  • Oiling- Put a drop of oil at the pivot point of both scissor blades. This is to lubricate the scissors but also to help remove any tiny fragments of hair that may be left behind. This will help give your scissors a longer life.
  • Tension- Check your scissors regularly. If the tension is too loose your scissors will fold hair. If it is too tight you can cause damage to the scissors. Check your tension by holding your scissors from the handle, blade facing up. Lift the thumb ring open and let it fall. If it closes completely or drops below 20 degrees they are too loose. If the thumb ring stays above 45 degrees they are too tight. 
  • Only use your scissors to cut hair ! And make sure it's clean hair! Using your scissors for other things like to cut fabric can throw off alignment. Cutting hair that is not clean can result in dirt and product dulling your blade edges quicker.
  • Protective case- When you are not using them, store scissors safely away in a protective case. This will prevent any accidents.
  • Always use a professional sharpener to sharpen scissors! Do not try it yourself and always call a professional sharpening service. They will be able to fix most damage and give your blades a longer life.

Treat your hair cutting scissors right...

and you will have them forever!Add some safety to your station, and a pop of colour ! This is a hair stylist must have ! We know you will love them.

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