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Top 5 Scissor Holsters

May 08, 2023

You know by now how much we love scissors! And how passionate we are about helping you find the right scissors, and keeping them in their best shape. One of the accessories we love for scissors, is scissor pouches or scissor holsters. Let's help you choose some secure and stylist scissor holsters!

Scissor Tech Hairdressing Scissor Pouch Holster

We think this scissor pouch should be your hairdressing shears best friend! It comes in two stylish colours, peach and black. It is made from high quality, water resistant material to protect your scissors. There is plenty of room for your shears. If you're a lover of scissors like us, this pouch can hold up to 7 pairs of scissors! There is another larger pocket with extra space for your mobile, combs, razors and clips.

It is meant to be worn around your waist so that your scissors are always kept safe on you no matter how busy you are! One of our favourite features is that you can open the bottom. This is there so you can clean it and remove any hair that may have made its way into your pouch.

You can check out our Scissor Tech Hairdressing Scissor PouchHERE.

Scissor Tech Hairdressing Scissor Holster

Our hairdressing scissor holster is a more compact tool belt for you ! You can still keep up to 7 scissors on you! There is also an extra pocket for your combs and other tools. This holster offers great protection for all your scissors. It is created to be worn either around your waist, or across your body. Designed to make a hairdressers job easier! Have a look at our Scissor Tech Scissor Holster HERE

Kasho 11 Scissor Hip Holster

We like this hip holster because it can hold 11 scissors, while still being compact! It is made from a hard leather to help protect your hair scissors from physical damage. It has a slimline pocket for your combs and a place to clip your clips ! 


Wahl Black Scissor Holster

Now this one may seem less fancy than the others, but it is a classic. This is a great one for barbers, or hairstylists that like to keep it simple. It has two pockets to keep your tools in. This one is worn across your body or over your shoulder and has an easy clip to move it to your waist if you prefer. The top of the holster closes to keep your hairdressing shears nice and safe. 

Hairdressing scissor Tool Belt

For the busy hairdresser who needs his or her scissors and other tools close by at all times. This tool belt is a must ! Think of it as your hairdressing scissor toolbox. It is made from flexible leather like material. There is a main pouch which has 6 scissor pockets, along with a large pocket for your mobile and other accessories. There is a flap that protects your scissors from falling out when you're not wearing your pouch.

There is also a smaller pouch that can hold up to 4 pairs of hair scissors. There is also a strap to attach any clips or pins you may have. However, what really stands out for us is the 3 brush holders. You can use these holders to hold any, or all, of your brushes, from round brushes to paddle brushes! Now if only it held your hairdryer as well! 


Keeping your tools safe..

That's what's most important to us! There are many different types of pouches, holsters and scissor cases available to you. You can't go wrong if you choose one of these to keep your scissors safe!

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