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Which Hair Straighteners Should You Choose?

August 07, 2023

Whether you're looking to have straight locks or some beautiful curls a hair straightener is a must have ! We are here to help you pick the best one for you, and your clients !=

What to look for in a hair straightener

These are a must have when choosing between all the different hair straighteners available !

  • Price- this is always a tricky one. Hair straighteners range in price anywhere from $50 - $800. We do believe you get what you pay for, however is a $800 flat iron necessary? We believe you can find a very good hair straightener for a better price. So when choosing a hair straightener best to make a budget, and then use the rest of the information in this blog to help you choose.
  • Heat settings- This is important! If you don't have a flat iron with adjustable heat settings you may end up with damaged hair. Fine or damaged hair can not hold up to the heat the way thick hair can. This is why it is important to make sure you have a variety of heat settings on your hair straighteners. Always remember to use heat protection no matter your hair type!
  • Plates- it is important to consider what type of plates your new hair straightener will have. You will find you best options will be ceramic plates, tourmaline plates or titanium plates. Ceramic plates are likely the most affordable but are great for everyone. They guarantee even heat distribution. Tourmaline plates are great for preventing frizzy hair. And titanium plates get extremely hot and leave hair with a silky smooth finish.
  • Plate size and design- If you're looking for hair straightener that will not only straighten your hair but double as a curling iron, you will want plates with rounded edges. If you prefer to use your flat iron for straight hair, flat plates- or straightener plates, will do just fine. If you are using your hair straightener on all different lengths of hair you may decide to stick to a classic 1 inch size plate. You can also choose a mini straightener for shorter hair or bangs or wide plates for long hair.

The best hair straighteners out there!

  • Dyson Corrale- remember that expensive hair straightener we spoke about? This is it. With a price tag of $699 this one may be expensive but it is a fan favourite. The Dyson corrale has copper flexing plates. These plates help to keep hair smooth with no snagging. The coralle is a cordless hair straightener that has rounded edges to create gorgeous curls. It also has 3 heat settings. Is it worth it? This straightener is certainly a favourite and well worth the money spent.
  • GHD Original and Platinum - You can not go wrong with GHD. GHD has certainly made a name for itself in the hot tools world. The original is known for its 185 degree heat setting, meaning the hottest it will get is 185 degrees, hot enough to smooth your hair, but not too hot as to create heat damage. It uses ceramic plates to heat quickly and evenly. The platinum is similar but has had a huge upgrade. The predictive technology recognises your hair's thickness and adjusts the heat to your personal optimal styling temperature. Great for all hair types. Another great hair straightener that can straighten your hair and create curls.
  • Cloud Nine Original- Another big name in the hair straightener world is Cloud nine. These straighteners are quick and efficient. It is great for any and all hair textures. These ceramic straighteners give you frizz free, glossy hair that stays straight and sleek for longer. Cloud nine heat settings range from 100- 200 degrees. Cloud nine also has a wide iron that is great for smoothing out long, thick hair. This one is also a fan favourite for thin or damaged hair as it has a large variety of heat settings with lower temperatures which will help prevent any hair damage when using it.
  • Cloud Nine Micro Iron- This one definitely deserves a mention for those with shorter hair or if you're looking for the best travel hair straightener. Cloud nine is a favourite brand in the world of hair straighteners.

Which is the best hair straightener ?
Well, we will leave this decision up to you! We have given you some great insight into the best hair straighteners on the market, and which will work best for your hair type, budget and usage! We are always here to help you make the best decisions when it comes to hair !

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