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The Best Razors For Hairstylists

September 04, 2023

Hairstylists have so many tools. From our clips to our hairdressing scissors we have it all ! One of the lesser known tools that many stylists have come to love is the razor! Do you have one ? If you're still learning about the razor and razor cuts, we are here for you!

Let's talk about razor cutting!

Razors are not just for shaving, they are a great tool to have for cutting hair! Knowing how to razor cut, and when to razor cut can be a total game changer. 

Razor cutting is great for clients who have thicker hair. You can use a razor to do a full haircut, replacing your hairdressing scissors. Razor cutting involves making large back and forth movements with your arm as you cut through the hair to give a lot of texture. Razor cuts are known for their soft, wispy ends. Razors can also be used to soften any blunt lines left from scissor cutting. Instead of using thinning shears or texturising shears you can use a razor to get a soft, shattered finish.

As with all cutting techniques there are some do's and don'ts

  • Do razor cut on wet hair to prevent split ends
  • Don't razor cut very frizzy or curly hair
  • Dont razor cut damaged hair
  • Do use a new, sharp blade for the best results
  • Do not be afraid to try new texturising techniques with your razor!
  • Do be careful when using a razor on thin or fine hair
  • Dont forget to clean your razor

Different Razors and Blades

There are different razor options available to you, the hairstylist. So which one is best ?

  • A texture razor- Also sometimes known as a feather razor this razor has a straight handle with a textured blade. The razor blade has a guard attached to it that has grooves in it, it looks similar to that of the blade of your thinning shears. This guard not only protects you and the hair you are cutting from a sharp blade but it also helps to add to the textured or shattered look you are hoping to achieve. Most hairdressers learn razor cutting with one of these so having one in your tool kit is a must. 
  • A Straight razor- While barbers are very well versed in the straight razor it is worth having a look at if you are a hairdresser. Traditional straight razors have a stainless steel blade that is sharpened on a strop, or leather strap. These days the traditional straight razor has been replaced with its close relative the shavette. A shavette used disposable blades to ensure a cleaner surface every time. As a hairdresser learning to use a straight razor may seem scary, and it does take a lot of work, however they are a great tool to use for razor cutting and other techniques. You can use it the same way you would a texture razor but with a fresh blade and no texture guard you will get a cleaner cut. This gives you some more versatility. It is also good to consider using one if you have any male clientele. Being able to get a smooth shave on the neckline will keep your male clients in your chair !
  • Safety razors- If you are wanting to learn to use a straight razor on your male clients we recommend having a safety razor. This will help you learn the art of the perfect shave without any nicks. It is a great way to also clean up the necklines of your male clientele. A safety razor uses a disposable blade with a guard to keep skin protected.
  • A razor comb- If you are not so sure about giving a full haircut with a razor and are just wanting the texture benefits you may consider a razor comb. It is a comb with a disposable blade in it. Similar to the texture razor the comb acts as a guard. It is a great tool for adding texture after a scissor cut, or blending layers. Even professional barbers will love a razor comb as it is great for softening the blend between the sides of a fade and the top.

Razors we love!

Here at scissor tech when you order one of our great scissor sets you will be sent one of our texture razors, and a pack of refill blades. The Matsui Texture Razor has an ergonomic handle that is great for all razor cutting techniques.

If you are wanting to learn more about straight razors or test some out we recommend having a look at theMinistry of Shave.They have a large selection of the best straight razors, shavettes, and safety razors. They even have a great choice of shaving cream, shave brushes and all your shaving needs.

Are you ready....

to add a razor to your cutting repertoire? We hope this article has helped inspire you to try them out ! We promise they won't disappoint!

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