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Where to buy hairdressing scissors?

June 23, 2021

Ok, SO you've just googled where do you buy hair cutting shears? and a million different things have popped up and the majority are totally unrelated - ANNOYING! Especially when it directs you to a pharmacy that sells nail scissors - Yuck and so wrong!  So where  do you buy hair cutting shears? There are a few ways if we're honest and some are not always right but hey it's the year 2021, who are we to judge? So let's categorize it into 2 main ways of buying hair cutting scissors. Shears, like any product these days  whether its clothing, kitchen tools, school accessories the list is endless can all be bought either in store OR online.  So the age old question - In store?  or online ?

In store while yes can be handy in the sense of being able to physically touch and see the shears in person it also has the down side to whether or not stock is available or being pestered by the shop assistants forcing you to make a purchase or giving you false/misleading information just to make a quick sale. There is also the option of your trusted scissor sharpener that comes to your salon that can be fairly similar. Dot point pros and cons you ask? See below!

- Can touch the physical product
- Sales assistant available if you need to ask questions
- different options available
- Can pay cash if you please

- Not enough stock on hand
- Sales assistants pestering you to make a sale
- False or misleading information given just to make a sale
- Store opening and closing hours
- Returns policies seem to change from store to store

Online however (especially in our opinion) is hassle free, pick and shop when you want! I mean sure, you can't physically touch or feel the shears but you can always order them and if you receive them and you're not 100% happy then most places allow you to return them especially us here at scissor tech, have a read of our returns policy here. We understand sometimes it's not what you expect, or  it doesn't fit right then you can easily return it within 7 days. Don't be stuck with an unwanted purchase and be sure to ALWAYS before any online shopping takes place read the returns policy before making your purchase.
Pros and cons dot point? See below!

- You don't have to answer to anyone whether it's a sales rep, a shop assistant you name it - the pressure is totally off!
- Stock is ALWAYS on hand and if they sell out they restock quicker than the average shop.
-  You can shop any time of day or night and don't have to worry about opening or closing times.
- If you're stuck and need help, customer service is one click and message away.
- and finally an awesome returns policy just in case!

- You can’t physically touch the product.

If you have skipped through and just read the dot points then lucky for you it's pretty obvious on where you should buy from. ONLINE!
So of course, Scissor tech is one of your absolute best options to not feel let down or disappointed in your order. Any reputable online company should be willing to supply you with the goods. If not, I'll say it again - you can find what you're looking for right here.


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