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Accessories To Make Every Pro Hairstylists Life Easier

November 04, 2021

It is common knowledge around the world that people are forever trying to keep up with the latest trends. In this new world of social media that we live in, it's very easy to get caught up in all the new trends whether it's fashion related, new hairstyles or even new social media platforms. We all want to have the latest and greatest to make ourselves feel good and to impress our family and friends!

As a hairdresser or barber, it's essential to keep up with the latest hairstyles and trends as it generally means updating your tool kits and keeping all your hair accessories current. The last thing you want is a client coming in requesting something that you have never heard of before nor have the tools and accessories to complete the style.



A new hairdressing kit that we predict will soon be taking the hair styling industry by storm is Natalie Anne's new styling tool kit. For anyone reading this that doesn't know  who Natalie Anne is, she is an Australian hairdresser who is always up to date with the latest trends. Natalie Anne has quite the presence and following on social media for her hair styling tutorials and tips. Natalie works with a lot of well known Australian influencers and us Aussies love her as much as we love our vegemite! Every hairdresser should have a wet and dry brush and Natalie Anne has nailed her latest wet and dry brush. You will find that after the tangle teezer cult phase, there were not too many good wet and dry brushes to follow which  were able to take care of your cuticles as well as her new brush does.  She also has a fantastic new range of hairstyling products to check out for all you Hairstyling guru's, her products are sure to have you styling the best hair.



While we are on the topic of social media influencers and tutorials, one of the greatest tools you can use in the current world is social media. A vital tool for your business, whether it's posting about your work to attract more clients, posting photos and videos or following other hairstylists to learn a thing or two about the latest trends and styles, there is no end to the effect social media can have on your business. Gone are the days where the only form of education comes from books, classes or beauty school (or Tafe we Aussies call it). Now it is easy enough to get all of this education for free by simply following your favorite hairstylist on social media or googling the latest trends and styles to see what's in. If you're not on social media for your business or even your own personal brand in whatever field you're in, we strongly suggest you drop everything you're doing now and join Instagram and Facebook as a minimum. While you're there feel free to follow Scissor Tech on all social media platforms as we are always posting about the latest and greatest tools and trends and have the highest quality scissors and accessories you must have as part of your hair kit!

The law of attraction plays a big part in social media, if you post a lot about hair and follow other hair stylists or barbers then the clients you want to attract will be able to see your posts and page. For example if your strong suit is hair styling or your a blonde specialist or you excel in hair extensions or barbering, by posting about your specialty people searching online or following similar stylists will then start to have your posts and page pop up on their social media and your profile will be there for all to see. Whatever you choose to post about is the type of potential client or follower you are sure to attract. So even though social media isn't a physical tool you can carry around in your tool kit, it is definitely something you should strongly consider to boost your business. We, Scissor Tech, personally love to showcase our scissors and shears through social media as they are just so stylish and photogenic and a top quality product. We are always on the lookout for new fun ways we can educate our customers on our brand or latest products as we are just so proud of them!.


Another fan favorite at the moment are the latest Dyson Hair styling tools. They have really  paved the way for revolutionizing  hairstyling tools with the technology and evolution of their products.  In case you have been living under a rock, Dyson now offers a range of tools from hairdryers, to hair straighteners and air tools with a wide range of clip-on attachments. One of our favorite features is the intelligent heat control technology (measures air temperature 40 times a second) inbuilt in their hair dryers which essentially means no extreme heat damage and protects your natural shine. You can see why this is a favorite for a lot of people as it is the clever technology the world needs.

Because Dyson is a leader in new technology, you may find their pricing a little much for what you can afford and if that's the case then this next tool may be the one for you. We have heard whispers around the industry that this next product is becoming highly comparable to the Dyson hair dryer. The IQ PROFESSIONAL PERFETTO HAIR DRYER, is known for being a powerful tool that cuts down drying time, is super light and most of all very quiet! (That's why we only whisper about it). This hairdryer is made in the same country that the best food was invented, pasta of course, the yummy and stunning country of Italy. 


You didn't think I would get through this article without mentioning that your scissors and shears have always been and always will be one of the most vital parts of your tool kits for every hairdresser or barber. Here at Scissor Tech, we want to maintain hairdresser and barber health so choosing the right scissors is crucial in maintaining minimal scissor related injuries. Our scissors are made so they are comfortable in your hands and seamless to use.  There is nothing worse than having inferior scissors which are uncomfortable or the wrong handle choice. We have a wide range to offer here at Scissor tech and we are dedicated to only stock the highest quality Japanese steel. We offer such a fashionable range of colors too that will surely get you excited to cut your clients hair. Our scissors are handcrafted from two different types of steel, Aichi Mountain steel and Damascus steel. We are totally obsessed with our scissors here at Scissor Tech and I am sure you would be too if you added them to your tool kit.

Let's talk about shears for a second, don't we all just love that new feeling of new shears. Scissor Tech's shears are amazing quality, fashionable and comfortable to use. Let's be honest we do not replace our shears as often as we should and if your shears are well overdue for replacement then we strongly suggest visiting our page to view a range of shears that will last you through the ages as long as you care for them like you would a pet!



For the next tool or accessories that ooze fashion and colour, the next point of topic that gets you super excited are Framar foils! If you don't know what these are, or have not seen these before let me give you a quick re-cap. Framar stock a wide range of products from colour brushes to combs, sectioning clips and the list goes on! but I would say the most popular product they make is foil! They are so much fun with the colour and designs on the foil and they make, best the biggest thing is the quality of their foil and the sizes too. We are crazy about colour too when it comes to our Scissors/ Shears so that's why we love them. Gone are the days of boring silver foil.. that you sometimes may or may not steal from your kitchen because foil is foil right? wrong! Foil can be fun now and can now be totally instagram worthy and definitely worth a post on the grid or a shining star in your reel or TikTok. From one hairdresser to another I will not take any responsibility for you going on their website or even to your local beauty shop and buying up a storm.



Now for you unicorns out there that are a bit frightened by color in your tools and you just want quality and sophistication when it comes to your combs and sectioning clips then you would probably love the cricket tools. I would say they are the Rolls Royce or the Scissor tech quality for tools and they have been for a very long time. I know that they are those tools that last in your tool kit and only be replaced if lost and not broken. These tools are the best investment and the most beautiful neutral colors to see in your tool kit. I know that most of you all will know this and know the brand, but sometimes you just need a reminder because we are all looking for these new brands or new fads. Cricket has always been and will always be here and I think nothing can come close to comparison in quality and sometimes you just can't go past quality.



Okay so this next tool I'm sure you have seen and heard about but I wanted to give you a background story on this tool because I think it's totally cool and original. This would be the Mermaid hair styler! now we all remember crimping our hair back in the day with a 3 barrel tong curler well yes this is similar but so different. The Mermaid hair styler ranges from size to 32MM barrels to their mini styler which is 25MM. Now the reason why I feel the Mermaid Styler is so special is because there barrell tong curlers were really brought back to life and transformed into larger barrels to create more of a wave then the old school crimp back in the day. The idea came from a Perth (Australia) mum and entrepreneur that wanted to use a tool on her hair that would give her the effortless wave and not an overdone look . So after putting the styler on the market and in doing that unknowingly started a huge trend that literally blew up and now you see world wide. They come in colour's Pink and Black and personally the styler would pair really well in your kit with our cute Diva Scissors/Shears and the black styler would pair well with our sleek and stylish matte black scissor range.



I hope you enjoyed our favorite tips and tricks for stocking your tool kit that will make every Hairdresser and Barbers life easier. So fill your work life with colour and style and what a great place to start with your new Scissor Tech tips and Shears, because remember quality does come first and here at scissor tech we have mastered both quality and style. We are always happy to help you, may it be day or night with any questions you may have on our socials and website.

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