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The Ultimate Barber Scissors Buying Guide

June 02, 2021

Barbers have few tools of the trade compared to many other careers. They don’t go to work with a small truck full of tools that will help them do a great job. Nope, all a barber needs is some good quality scissors or shears. If you were buying a power tool, it’s easy to find out which are the top one or two brands. But the huge choice in barber scissors on the market makes it difficult to know which one you’ll use every day for years and which one you will give up on within months.  

We’ve done the hard work for you, testing and taking apart hundreds of pairs of scissors over many years to determine which brands are worthy inclusions in our online shop and which ones don’t make the grade.

What brands make the best barber scissors?

There are a few brands of hair scissors and shears we recommend for barbers. Our favorite is Matsui but Joewell, Yasaka and Sozu also deserve honorable mentions and a spot in the shop. By including a range of brands, we have barber scissors priced at the low end suitable for apprentice barbers and also the top end for experienced barbers who can afford the finest steel scissors. Our only requirements are that the scissors or shears are of an excellent professional quality, are comfortable to use all day and can withstand the demands of a busy barber.

We only stock barber scissor brands that use Japanese or German steel to ensure the scissors have the longest life possible. Scissor Tech offers a lifetime warranty on the scissors so ensure the best raw materials are used in all scissors and shears. 

What types of barber scissors are available?

Stocking as many brands as we do, the shop contains scissors to suit every barber. We accommodate barbers with large or small hands, left handed barber and those needing an ergonomic pair of scissors. We also accommodate all types of haircuts with scissors for cutting, thinning, texturizing and blending.   


What types of barber razors are available? 

Every barber needs a good quality razor at the ready. Scissor Tech stocks the full range from classic barber & shavette razors to the cut-throatstraight razor

The Barbarossa brand is a favourite. The handle is a stunning pearlescent blue, white or red and takes traditional razor blades. If you prefer a wooden handle, the Buccaneer takes Feather or Mühle blades. The Jolly Roger is a light-weight, easy to maneuver razor with a matte black or polished chrome handle. The Cutlass range has a handle that’s handcrafted from cow bone and also takes a traditional razor blade. The Matsui Master Barber Razors are available in brown or black wood finishes. 

Can I buy barber scissor kits online?

Yes, you can buy barber scissors and barber scissor kits right here at Scissor Tech. Buying a kit makes sense because you can have all your scissors match so other barbers know who they belong to and the set looks great in your belt.

For those barbers who are just starting out and need more than one pair of scissors, there is aBarber Starter Kit. The kit contains two pairs of Matsui scissors, a razor, shaving brush, comb and accessories – everything you could want to get your career started on the right foot.  

What are the most common sizes in barber scissors?

Barber scissors are generally larger than hairdressing scissors. A male barber has larger hands than a female hairdresser so they can control a larger pair of scissors. Also, barber shops work on large volumes of haircuts to make a profit compared to hairdressing salon which can charge for more expensive services like hair colours. 

For a barber to do as many haircuts as possible each day, he needs to cut the maximum amount of hair with every close of the scissors. A large pair of scissors has longer blades than a smaller pair of scissors and the longer blade removes more hair with each closing action.

A common size for barber scissors is 7 inches compared to hairdressers with 5.5 or 6 inch scissors.


How to maintain your new barber scissors

Basic maintenance of your barber scissors will ensure you get the best performance from your scissors every day and the longest life possible.

Tension your barber scissors

One of the most important tasks you should do each day before starting work is to check the tension on your barber scissors. An incorrect tension can cause damage to your scissors and leave you vulnerable to a hand or wrist injury. 

To check the tension, hold the scissors vertically and lift one handle up until it’s almost fully extended. Let go of the handle and if it closes completely, the tension is too loose. If it barely closes, the tension is too tight. Use the adjuster to change the tension then test again. 

If you feel any resistance while cutting hair stop using the scissors immediately and check the tension. You may cause permanent damage to the scissors if you use them while they are too tight. 

Daily cleaning for professional shears

At the end of the day, use a soft dry towel to remove all hair pieces from the scissors and any moisture remaining on the scissors. Once clean and dry put them back into a clean case rather than leaving them on a bench or in a drawer where they could be damaged.

if a client comes in with sand or grit in their hair, be sure to remove all traces from your scissors after finishing the haircut. Better yet, don't’ risk your good scissors by having an old pair of scissors ready for when you see clients with unwashed hair. Any particles can damage or blunt your expensive scissors. 

Sharpening your scissors

Depending on how much you use your hair scissors, you will need to have them sharpened every 3-12 months. Barber scissors generally need sharpening more often than professional hairdressing scissors. Barbers spend all day using their hair cutting scissors whereas most hairdressers will spend part of their day doing other services like hair colour treatments and blow waves that don’t require them to use scissors. 

Use a professional bladesmith to sharpen your scissors rather than attempting to do it yourself. There is the possibility that you may damage your scissors or take off more steel than needed, reducing the life of your scissors.


If you use any disinfectant either a solution or wipe, be sure to oil your scissors straight after. Disinfectants remove all traces of oil from the scissors leaving them vulnerable to moisture getting in causing corrosion and rust. A light oiling will protect the scissors. Even if you don’t use any disinfectants you will still need to oil your scissors each week to keep them protected.

Barber scissors in the online store

Featured below are some of our top selling professional barber scissors and shears.

Matsui Barber Scissors

2020 Limited Edition Matte Black Matsui Precision Barbering Scissor

The 2020 Limited Edition Matte Black Matsui Precision 7 inch Barbering Scissor is designed for precision cutting. The premium titanium coating means the scissors look good while putting up with constant use in a harsh environment. The blade’s edge is well suited for blunt cutting and scissor over comb cuts. Made from Hitachi 440C Japanese steel, the scissors are durable enough to cope with cutting all day long. 

Barber Starter Kit

Every barber who is starting out on their apprenticeship needs a high quality kit with everything they’ll need for haircuts and shaves. 

Our kit includes the finest quality products that are designed to last:

  • 7" Matsui Barber scissor with micro serrated edge
  • 5.5" Precision Matsui cutting scissor
  • Matsui Barber Razor
  • Comb
  • Badger Hair Shaving Brush
  • Oil Pen
  • Spare Plastic Finger Inserts to size scissors to your fingers
  • Tension Key to maintain scissors

The two scissors in the kit are the world-renowned Matsui brand made from the highest quality Japanese 440C steel. The micro serrations on the blades help grip the hair better which is needed for scissor over comb cuts. Matsui is known for their exceptional razors just as much as they are for their scissors. The razor stays sharper for longer and gives a close shave that lasts two days. The weight of the blade means you only need a firm grip. 

Matsui Silver Master Barber

Made from high quality cobalt-infused Japanese steel to achieve a superior hardness finished with a semi-convex edge for that bit of extra grip while maintaining a super sharp edge.

The offset handle helps bring the thumb into a more comfortable position than in a traditional barbers shear. Choose between the 7 inch or extra-long 8 inch size.  

2020 Matsui Matte Black Damascus Barber Shears

This super premium shear won’t disappoint.Handmade from 17 layers of premium Damascus Japanese steel, they’re ideal shears for over comb blunt cutting and all round use.

The offset handle brings the thumb into a natural position for cutting and the solid finger rest can never come loose and get lost. The tension system creates an extra smooth feel. You’ll enjoy the matte black colour and subtle watermark finish. 

Joewell Shears

For those who like the look of the classic hairdressing or barber shears with straight handles and a chrome finish, theJoewell Classic Series is for you. Made from Japanese steel with satin finished handles, removable finger rest and polished finished blades, they’re ideal for everyday use. Available in a variety of sizes including 7 inch so they’re suitable for barbers and hairdressers alike.     

If you prefer offset handles, theJoewell Craft 01 Series is 6.5 inches long with a bamboo leaf blade design suitable for wet cutting to texture and slide cutting. The convex edge stays sharper for longer than other scissors.

Semi offset handles are available on theJoewell FC Classic Offset Series. The ergonomic design, high quality manufacturing and convex blade make these shears a pleasure to cut with.  

Yasaka Shears

Using the highest quality ATS314 cobalt-infused steel, you know you will enjoy a long and productive relationship with the7 Inch Yasaka Barber Shears. The smooth closing action makes for effortless cutting and keeps your hands safe from injury. The7 Inch Straight Blade also has a stunning chrome finish, sleek lightweight design and a fixed finger rest.  

Sozu Scissors

An ideal brand for apprentices because they produce high quality professional-grade scissors at an affordable price. TheSozu Essentials Ergonomic Barbering Scissor is a 7 inch pair with offset handles and a handmade blade packed in a hard case with all the accessories to keep the scissors free of damage. If you prefer a pair of scissors with some interesting detail on the handles, you can’t go past theSozu Essentials Oriental Barbering Scissor.  

Spoilt for Choice

We understand there’s plenty of hair shears to choose from and it’s possible you won’t choose the pair that suit you best the first time. That’s why we provide a 7 day return policy. If you try your scissors and find they aren’t right for whatever reason, return them for an exchange or refund.  


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