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What To Look For When Purchasing Apprentice Scissors

January 14, 2024

Welcome to the wonderful world of hairdressing! If you've chosen to do a hairdressing apprenticeship you are in for one wild ride! We may be a bit bias but we think you've chosen one of the best careers! Full of creativity and fun.

Now that you have chosen to do a hairdressing apprenticeship you'll want to make sure you have your first pair of scissors! Hair cutting scissors are very different from your everyday kitchen scissors! Here at scissor tech we want to help you start your career off with the right pair!


The first thing you will want to consider for your hair cutting scissors is the length. Professional hairdressing scissors can range in size from 4.5 inches to 8 inches. As a beginner hairdresser you will not need to invest in all these different lengths.

You will find that most haircutting techniques can be done with one scissor size. The right scissor size for you depends on what is most comfortable for you. You may find that a larger scissor is heavy and uncomfortable in your hand. Most apprentice hairdressing scissors are either a 5.5 inch or 6 inch. This size will give you better control and is the right size for most haircutting techniques. As an apprentice hair stylist it is best to start with one size, good all rounder scissor.


You will find there are a few different handles available to you. You will want one that is ergonomic and most comfortable. This is important to ensure that you have a long happy and comfortable career.

We recommend finding a pair of scissors with an offset handle. This ergonomic design helps to keep the thumb closest to its most natural position. This helps to keep pressure off your wrist and prevent future injury. Straight handles can cause carpal tunnel and other wrist injuries. If you're planning on cutting hair for a long time, you will want to do everything you can to prevent wrist injuries.

There are other ergonomic options available like the swivel scissor. These are good scissors to help prevent wrist injuries. However, a swivel scissor is more for the advanced hairdresser. We recommend starting with the offset handle and when you're comfortable behind the chair you can upgrade to the swivel shears.


You will most likely find that most apprentice hairdressing scissors have a beveled edge. This is one of the best options for an apprentice. The bevelled edge is sharp, but not too sharp. It is great for learning to cut hair as it helps to hold hair in place when learning to cut straight lines. Scissors with a bevelled edge may also include micro serrations. These little cuts in the cutting blade also help to hold the hair in place. You will find these are common in barber scissors and apprentice hairdressing scissors. However, a micro serrated edge is not useful for all different techniques. It's great for blunt cutting, but not for texturising.

Another good option is the semi- convex blade. This blade is great for all haircutting techniques. It is sharper than the bevelled edge so as a beginner hairdresser you will have to watch your fingers! This blade is perfect for precision cutting and when you learn all different texturising techniques you will find this is the best blade for you.

As you progress in your career you may be interested in convex blades. This blade is the sharpest of them all! Great for slide cutting and other advanced techniques. It is a more sensitive edge. Meaning that it needs to be done on high quality scissors and will lose its sharpness quicker, especially if not used correctly.

Quality Steel

You may not be thinking too much about high quality materials as an apprentice. You want affordable hair cutting scissors that will last your apprenticeship.

You will find that the best hairdressing scissors are made from two main steels, German and Japanese steel. Both these steels will make for a perfect pair of apprentice hairdressing scissors.

Japanese Steel is often used to make more expensive scissors. Apprentice hairdressers will most likely want a good quality, affordable scissor. Lucky for you our Matsui scissors are made with quality Japanese steel, for affordable prices. Have a look at our Matsui'sHERE. We guarantee you'll find a quality scissor, in your price range!

While you may decide to go with cheap scissors as your apprentice scissors as that's what fits your budget best, you may find that these shears don't last. You'll be doing many haircuts as you learn and it's important to have a great pair of scissors to support you! If you're looking for a good quality, budget friendly, pair of scissors check out our Sozu RangeHERE. These student scissors will get the job done and not break the bank.

Thinning scissors

We recommend adding a thinning scissor to your apprentice kit. It's important to learn how to use these scissors correctly when starting off your career.

Thinning scissors are a scissor with one regular blade and another blade with teeth. The most commonly used thinner is one with 40 teeth. This removes a small percentage of hair without removing length. Thinners can range in size from 25 teeth to 40 teeth. The more teeth they have the less hair they remove. As an apprentice hairdresser you'll want your apprentice kit to include a 40 teeth thinner.

It's also important to note that when you are a real pro you may want to invest in a pair of texturising scissors. Similar to thinners they have a blade with teeth, however they range in 5 teeth to 14 teeth. They remove larger chunks of hair and are great for textured cuts.

How will you ever decide ?

We know we have given you a lot to consider when purchasing your first pair of professional hairdressing scissors. We are always happy to help make your decision easier. Just reach out to one of our friendly Scissor tech customer service people and we can guarantee you will end up with a great quality and affordable pair of hairdressing scissors.

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