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How Often Should Your Clients Be Getting Haircuts

February 16, 2024

We all know that when a client asks us when they should book their next cut, it is a very loaded question! Well that's what we are here for ! Let us help you explain to each client when and why they will need a haircut in a certain time frame to have their best, healthy hair!

Long Hair

Clients with long hair often worry about getting haircuts and losing length. If a client has long hair and would like to keep the length it is important to remind them that haircuts help to keep hair healthy. You will find clients with longer hair tend to use more heat styling. This means they're more prone to damaged hair and split ends. Of course this also changes based on their hair type. Long, thin hair is more prone to breakage then long, thick hair.

A client with long, thick, healthy hair that wants to keep their hair long, or grow it longer should be able to wait longer between cuts. They can go up to 3-6 months between haircuts. This will most likely only apply to clients with virgin hair. If their hair is coloured or chemically treated or has heat damage, they will be needing a trim almost as often as a colour. We recommend every eight weeks. If a client has fine hair that is prone to damage and they want to keep their hair longer or continue to grow it they may need to get more regular haircuts, like 4- 6 weeks. 

A client who wants to grow their hair longer will often think the best thing to do is not cut their hair. As a stylist we know that this is NOT how it works ! It is important to teach our clients the best way to care for their hair. Not just by using the correct products, but to remember to get a trim every 4-6 weeks. If a client has very damaged hair, and they want it to be long and healthy, they need to be getting a small trim every 6 weeks. 

Short hair

When a client with this hair length comes in for a cut they are usually hoping to maintain their style. If a short haircut grows out it will lose its shape and no longer stay in place. Pixie cuts, bob cuts and other shorter hair cuts will need more frequent haircuts to help maintain their style. Getting regular trims every 4-6 weeks, and removing about half an inch, will keep their hair looking its best.

Men's haircuts are also included in this category. Men that are hoping to keep a sharp fade or a short buzz cut, looking that way will often get a haircut every two weeks. You may come across a male client who wants to grow out their hair. He will most likely think the best way to deal is not to come in for sometime. However, this may not be the best way to handle his haircut. If a man has very thick hair and he wants to grow it longer we recommend that they still come in every 6-8 weeks for a clean up. Often when men grow out their hair they go through stages of "awkwardness" where their hair no longer sits the way they like. This is all part of the growing out process. A lot of men will get to this stage and give up and ask you to cut it all off. This is why if they have thicker hair texture it is important we tell them to come back in 6 weeks to help keep their hair looking fresh.

The rule of thumb for hair is that it grows approximately a centimeter a month. Remembering this is important when teaching clients about their hair care and when to book their next appointment.

Curly hair

This hair texture can be a bit more fussy than straight hair or wavy hair. Curly hair tends to be more dry and needs more care. Curly hair and textured hair can also lose its shape faster. Once curls get too long they will turn frizzy and less defined. Cutting your hair regularly will keep those curls bouncy and frizz free and those ends healthy.

Teaching your clients...

how to keep their hair healthy is part of the job! Making sure they restrict the use of heat tools helps to prevent split ends. Using the proper products, like a heat protectant or a leave-in conditioner will keep their hair feeling great. Reminding them that frequent trims will keep those ends fresh and dry hair at bay. So remember to get that client booked in for their next trim, to help keep their hair looking and feeling its best!

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