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What Is The Main Difference Between Thinning Scissors And Texturizers

November 10, 2023

We know that purchasing a new pair of scissors comes with so many questions! You have to choose a type of scissor, length, blade, handle.. the list goes on and on. If you're wanting to add a thinning scissor or texturizing shears to your life, let us help you learn the difference and which you should choose.

What Are Thinning Scissors

Simply put, thinning scissors are scissors with one straight blade and one blade with teeth. Thinning shears can range in size from 25 teeth- 40 teeth. The amount of teeth means the amount of hair that will be removed. The more teeth, the less hair is removed.

How to Use Thinning scissors

Thinning scissors are an important part of a hairdressers kit. They are also a tricky scissor to use. We have all had that one client who has had their hair over thinned and is petrified of these scissors. We promise if you use them correctly you will love them!

Thinning shears can be used to add texture to hair and remove bulk. The more teeth your scissors have the softer the weight removal will be. You can use them for weight removal by simply cutting the interior of a section of hair. This is the easiest and most basic way to remove unwanted weight. It is important to always remember to never use thinning scissors past the mid hair shaft. Cutting too close to the scalp can cause shorter hairs to stick up. You can do this multiple times in one section to really thin out very thick and unruly hair.

It is important to also remember which type of hair you are cutting. Thinning scissors are great for thick hair. Fine hair or thin hair are not meant to be thinned out, especially with thinning scissors. Thinning scissors can also be bad news for curly clients. Using thinning scissors on curly hair can lead to frizzy, unruly hair! 

Thinning scissors are also known as blending or finishing scissors. There are different techniques you can use to remove weight, add texture, blend lines or layers and soften a haircut. 

For removing weight and adding texture thinning scissors can be used just like your thinning techniques with regular scissors. You can use them for point cutting or chipping. This is a great way to remove weight and create texture, while keeping your lines soft. 

For blending lines or softening a haircut you can use your thinning shears a few different ways. Hair thinning scissors are great for shorter hair cuts, such as mens cuts. Simply using your thinning scissors to lightly dust the ends of the hair will help to blend fades, scissor over comb and any transition in a short haircut. You can also use them on longer hair. Dusting the very ends of layers will help to blend and soften very blunt cuts. You can even use them to cut blunt lines. Using thinning scissors to cut blunt lines will leave the lines softer and with more movement.

When using hair thinning scissors to blend or soften lines this can be done on almost all types of hair, even thin hair. However it is never recommended for curly hair. Using your thinning shears to finish a cut can even help add volume and movement to fine, thin hair. Of course we must always remember not to over use our thinning scissors, especially on those with this hair type.

If you're looking for a pair of thinning shears to add to your collection check out our many optionsHERE

So as you can tell hair thinning scissors are a great friend of any hairdresser. They can be used in so many different ways. Now let's talk... texturizing scissors

What are texturizing scissors?

We now know that hair thinning scissors are also used for texturizing, but what about texturizing shears? Sounds a little confusing doesn't it? We've got you!

Texturizing shears are similar to thinning shears in that they have one straight blade and one blade with teeth. However, hair texturizing scissors have less teeth. They usually range in size from 5 teeth to 14 teeth. These wider teeth are used to create texture, the less teeth there are the chunkier the texture.

How to use texturizing scissors

Texturizing shears or scissors can be used on different hair types to create a piece-y, chunky texture. The more teeth there are the less hair will be removed. 

Texture shears are great to use in thick hair. They are not recommended for thin or fine hair. Using them in thin or fine hair can result in removing too much hair. And as we mentioned with hair thinning scissors it is important not to over use these scissors!

Hair texturizing scissors are great to use for shorter hairstyles. They are a must have if you do a lot of mens cuts or pixie cuts. Using them on the top of a short haircut will give that desired look of chunky texture. Add some product and you will have that messy, lived in finish your clients will love!

If you're thinking of adding a pair of texture shears to your life we recommend checking out our Matsui 14 Tooth TexturiserHERE. Or if you're feeling really adventurous our Yasaka 10 Tooth TexturiserHERE

Let's get to cutting!

Now that you know which hair scissor is best for you it is time to put your new knowledge to the test. We know that sometimes trying a new thinning shear or texture shear can be scary, but we have armed you with some serious texturizing knowledge! You've got this !

Of course, if you still have more questions, reach out to our friendly customer service people here at Scissor Tech. We love scissors and can't wait to help you find your next perfect pair!

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