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What is the best brand of hairdressing scissors?

April 07, 2022

Ah, the age old question, what the best brand of hairdressing scissors are? There are so many hairdressing scissors brands out there that you may not know even exist! While yes, it can be super overwhelming and hard to know which is good, which is great and which is best, we're here to help nut out the good from the bad or at least what we think is the best hair cutting scissors.

As you're probably aware there are many hairdressing scissor brands out there and in true Scissor Tech form, we're going to name a few of the top brands out there. Before we do, please keep in mind that we will only mention premium quality hairdressing scissors made for and used by professional hairdressers and barbers. No kitchen scissors for dressmaking scissors will be mentioned in this article. So to name a few we have Yasaka, Matsui, Joewell, Kamisori, Jaguar, Sozu, Hikari and lastly Fuji. So let's go through them individually in no particular order and get to what we think is the 'best hairdressing scissors brand'.


Yasaka scissors are made from high quality, high purity stainless steel that's manufactured in Japan. Yasaka shears not only have great hardness, but also abrasion and wear resistance, and we can not forget high resistance to corrosion. It has an ergonomic handle that suits most - if not all hairdressers and barbers perfectly by giving them maximum control while making those perfect precision cuts. The design of a yasaka hair cutting scissors requires little maintenance and will last for many years to come - a super convenient scissor to have for any professional hairdresser or barber. Shop the range here!


Matsui Scissors (our personal fav) has been established since 1998, and have since proven to be a frontrunner for every hairdresser and barber ever since! Of course Matsui is made from none other than high-quality Japanese steel, without the hefty price tag there for being excellent value for money. Matsui scissors are great because they don't have just one style of scissors - they have a wide range of hairdressing scissors to suit all hairdressers and barbers different cutting styles, and are extremely comfortable coming in a range of different handle styles to suit everyone's needs! But wait... it gets better, our favourite part is that the scissors are not only high quality, but also come in a variety of colourful options - everyone loves a stand out colour choice! Shop the full range here


Now Joewell has been around for a while now since about 1917. The brand has always strived to ensure that Joewell remains well known for the quality, design, and expertly crafted scissors. The company is known for its scissors being made from many different steels to name a few; like premium Japanese stainless steel, titanium coated premium stainless alloy, cobalt-base alloy, and others. They have a vast range of colours also including silver, black, rose gold, and blue, and also the classic silver with small colour details to them - the choice is yours! . Joewell will always strive to provide professional hairdressers and barbers worldwide the ultimate cutting scissors with tough competition next to them! 


These stunning shears certainly look cool and perfectly designed, this is due to them being hand-made and crafted from some of the finest materials. So it comes as no surprise that the Kamisori shear offers not only a balance of sharpness, but also elegance and strength. Kamisori have easily been around for 20+ years resulting in each pair of shears being cleverly constructed from years of study, research, and testing to create the perfect balance and sharpness. Kamisori shears are used by hairdressers and barbers worldwide. Shop the range here!


No, we're not talking the animal - we're talking Jaguar the scissors! Since 1932, Jaguar has worked extremely hard to provide hairstylists of the world a strong and durable scissor to get them through their busy working day. They have done so by manufacturing the strictest quality standards. Jaguar aren't like any other when it comes to the construction of scissors, they use advanced technology that allow for complete perfection from computer-controlled machines when production is in full swing creating the tools. Now lucky for many that love a selection of colours - Jaguar has you covered! They come in many different colours, patterns and styles so pick your fav and off you go! Shop the range here!


Sozu scissors are one of scissor tech’ most affordable collections for the aspiring hairdresser that can’t quite yet afford the next best scissor. The Sozu scissors are made from one of the best Japanese steel that will give you not only one of the best quality scissors but also one of the best quality scissors with a super decent price. Which then leaves you room to save up for your next higher quality scissor. With their elegant hand-crafted design ranging in pink, silver or black and multiple handle designs to best suit you the stylist. Shop the range here!


Japan made, Convex edge, customised options available what more could a hairstylist want!? Since being in the hair scissor world Hikari have made it their mission to provide stylists the ultimate scissors by applying perfect craftsmanship in blade edging that they do to swords to their scissors which is con-caved creating the best convex edge possible for stylists, because let's face it, everyone's needs and wants are completely different when it comes to the use of Hairdressing scissors. Before sending any of their scissors out, Hikari makes sure the scissors undergo a strict inspection before they leave the factory - talk about control of their product huh! Now not all stylists are after a concave scissor so be sure to know what you're buying before you make your purchase!


Fuji scissors have been known to create some of the highest quality Japanese Scissors around. The Fuji scissors are a true Japanese scissor, they are not only designed in Japan but also produced there too. The handle shapes have been designed to enable a relaxed cutting feel, with particular shapes and angles that have been based around the human body to help reduce hairdresser hand fatigue. This being one of the many reasons these scissors have been benchmarked as a top quality scissor.

The best?

In the hairdressing industry it's so easy to be consumed on what you think or want to think is 'the best' but here at scissor tech, we're all about fairness and what works the best for you! But, if you're still wanting our opinion on what 'the best hair cutting scissors' is then that's simple - We LOVE Matsui scissors! Why!? Well because Matsui have created and designed hair scissors for all hairdressers and barbers, no matter what stage of their career they're at. and what makes it even better is that they come in a range of sizes, designs, colours but also they're super affordable scissors - what more could you, the stylist want!? So what are you waiting for!? Give them a whirl today!

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