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How to add texture with normal hair scissors

April 14, 2022

Firstly, let's clear up what we mean by 'What normal Hairdressing Scissors are?' Well they are not the scissors you grab from the kitchen or your child's pencil case, I can tell you that much.

Basically normal hairdressing scissors is a term we like to use for Straight bladed shears. When stylists think of texture they automatically want to use their hair thinning scissors, texture shears or their razor. Well today we want to not talk about those shears at all and talk about "How to add texture with a normal shear".

There are so many different types of normal hair cutting scissors these days too, so bear in mind that some scissors have different cutting abilities than others. For example, slide cutting  cannot be done with all scissors, so when buying a pair of scissors make sure you know of their cutting abilities too. So let's explore a new world of texturizing with only your normal hairdressing scissors. This is going to be fun, so let's go!

Cutting Techniques

There are some easy and obvious techniques that we would like to remind you of because I guarantee once we mention these you will have that "light bulb moment".

Point cutting:Point cutting is an easy and effective way to blend off a harsh line or to give your client that desired textured haircut. We would say point cutting instead of straight cutting would be the first step on your way to create texture to the haircut. 

This is a great technique for fine hair so that you can lightly texturize hair in areas of the haircut without making the hair look more fine. Also a great technique for all hair types.

Chipping: Chipping is an easy way to take weight out of the hair but for the opposite direction as your point cutting. it’s a less precise way of texturizing.

Slide cutting: You may find all stylists are not confident slide cutting but if you are you know that it's a simple way to create texture or layering around the face or throughout the haircut. If you want to create more of a wispy texture through the layers then this is a great technique to do so.

Weaving Cutting:Weaving is a technique used to mimic the same result as using you texturizing shears. The way you would weave cut with a normal shear would be to weave out a section of hair with a tail comb as if you would with foiling and then cut the weaved out of the hair with your normal scissors. This is obviously going to create steps in the hair, so this technique is suitable for very textured hairstyles.

Freehand cutting: Generally used as a finishing technique, free hand cutting is used by those game enough to free hand texturize the hair, without really using their comb or other hand to guide them.

Channel Cutting:Is a technique used best in the fringe area to thin on the weight and thickness on thick hair. This technique is section out in a straight section and cutting a small sliced section of hair from the root area.

Example of haircuts or hair types the Techniques would work well with

We could really be her all day talking about all the different haircut or hair types the above techniques would work well with, but we have decided to narrow it down to 3 examples.

Men's short back and side haircut

When texturizing a short men's haircut on the top of the hair the first technique that comes to mind is point cutting to blend out any bulky or hard lines on the top of the head. Free hand cutting is another great cutting technique to use on a men's haircut around the fringe area. If the hair is short then having the hair wet and combed forward is a quick simple way to texturize the fringe.

Layered mullet haircut

A layered mullet haircut is a very textured hairstyle and really has many ways to cut. If you're wanting to use normal scissors for the whole haircut then here are some tips.

If you want to remove some thickness then cutting small cuts toward the root area to take out the bulk is the key for that. Another great technique is to slide cut all the layers to give that wispy effect through the ends which creates more volume. Weaving cutting is another great technique for maximum texture as this haircut is not meant to be perfect or tamed.

To be honest you can really play around with all of the above techniques until you get the desired look you are after.

Blunt ladies baseline cut

A blunt baseline cut is a haircut used for all hair types and lengths. Essentially when it's a haircut that is cut all one length without any layers. We find this haircut is popular for those client's with fine hair because layers tend to thin their hair out more.

A great cutting technique to use for this haircut is point cutting at the baseline, if the baseline is too bulk and won't sit flat. Another technique for hair more thicker on the ends would be to slightly slide cut the baseline to help blend out. With the slide cutting you would be best to slide cut downward towards the floor.


Weight removed from your client's hair does not always need to be done with your hair thinners or texture scissors. Hopefully today we have reminded you of techniques and inspired you to try a new haircutting technique on your next textured hairstyle client. Cutting can be fun if you change up your style of cutting once in a while and try new ways. 

Inspiration sparks from many different forms of education and as a stylist you can never really stop learning. We as hairstylists are so lucky now to find free education online through social media. But if it's more in depth education you are after then take those cutting classes, or seek education online from celebrity hairstylist's because just like fashion trends.. cutting trends change too.

Happy Texturizing!

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