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Swivel vs non-swivel hair scissors

March 31, 2022

To swivel or not to swivel - that is the question... Well actually the question is swivel scissors VS non swivel scissors. Why were swivel shears created? What is the big hype around them? How do they help with cutting hair? All very valid questions which we will certainly answer all in good time. So for now read on to learn the differences between the two.


The swivel shears have been designed for the hairdressers and barbers of the world that struggle with repetitive motion injuries or carpal tunnel syndrome. When cutting hair it's absolutely vital that the stylist has comfortable shears to prevent the development of any health issues like RSI (repetitive strain injury) or carpal tunnel.

The swivel hairdressing scissors are designed as ergonomic shears for stylists to not only increase mobility, but also provide relief from any wrist, finger and/or shoulder pain. Not only that but it will also provide a wide variety of new cutting positions that will hopefully reduce the physical side effects of long term cutting hair.

But how is this possible you ask? Well, that's easy - it's because of the finger hole/s that have been designed to have a complete 360° rotation to allow the hand, fingers and thumb to be in the utmost comfortable position possible whilst cutting. Cool huh!? Or are you now stressed at the thought? Well, fear not our cutting friends, if you're thinking your thumb or fingers will be all over the place - we can assure you, they won't be. Once your thumb is in the thumb ring and finds its position it will likely have a small movement to it to allow for the open and close motion of the hand. Which is what we like to call a 'rotating thumb' for all those awkward angles. So, no, it won't be a wobbly mess if that's what you're thinking.

Did you know, The swivel scissor doesn't have to have only one rotating thumb feature? It can also come as double swivel scissors and not just a single swivel shear! Meaning it's not just the thumb ring that has the feature but also the ring finger hole. Double swivel scissors means double the fun and comfort, basically the ultimate swivel shear! The double swivel shears are not to be feared; they are pretty much the same as the single swivel shears, only more comfortable - believe it or not! Don't believe us!? Give them a go here. <insert link>

Non Swivel

Non swivel shears are probably what the average hairdresser or barber is more familiar with. They certainly aren't swivel style shears, they simply have a fixed position thumb hole and not a swivelling thumb hole or finger hole or anything swivel shears related. So for the traditional barber with no underlying health conditions, standard hair cutting shears are just fine for them to use. There are 4 different handle styles to consider before making your purchase. Many of which have an ergonomic design which is great for everyone!

Non swivel shears can sometimes leave you in uncomfortable positions which can then unfortunately lead to, yep - you guessed it! Underlying health issues like RSI or carpal tunnel. If you're not wanting to convert to the swivel shear, you'll need to consider specific angles when cutting hair to relieve any unwanted pain - but be careful, it may lead to another unwanted sore spot! So, why not make life easier and do your research on non swivel shears to make sure you match up the perfect shears for you.

Other handle designs

Confused on the swivel vs non swivel? We're going to break this down further for you by going into other handle designs! As we mentioned above about the swivel thumb design, we're not going to go into any further detail but we will go in detail about the remaining 3 hair cutting scissor designs.


Not as common as you'd think but it certainly serves its purpose. With its arched angle in the scissors, this design allows you to drop your arm and elbow to help alleviate any pain from carpal tunnel or RSI due to old hairdressing habits. This allows much better/more comfortable body positioning when cutting hair, which could help in the long run of keeping your hair cutting career alive!


The classic is a classic for a reason. It was one of the first scissor handle designs originally created. Now the classic design was generally used by people who held their scissors incorrectly (with their thumb and middle finger instead of their thumb and ring finger) . By holding their scissors this way it can easily cause RSI and carpal tunnel. So unless you find comfort with this design - we recommend steering clear if you can!


The most common ergonomic design (aside from the swivel of course) This design not only helps to create a natural and free flow but it actually helps to reduce the risk of any hairdressing related injuries later down the track of your hair career. When holding and cutting with this design, you'll still need to be sure that you raise your elbow and not drop it as you would with the crane design. This helps to ensure correct body positioning whilst cutting at all times.

So now we have gone over all options of handle designs, the choice is yours on what you would like to choose. Feeling overwhelmed? Reach out to our friendly customer service team to help with any questions you may have.

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