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Does It Matter Which Hairdryer You Use

April 11, 2023

We know when it comes to most things hair there are so many different options. So let's talk hair dryers. Short answer is yes it does matter which hair dryer you use, but most importantly it's about understanding which hair dryer will be the best for you and your clients.

Wattage and AC, DC

A common word that is thrown around when talking about hair dryers is wattage. How many Watts do you need? Wattage measures the wind power of your hair dryer. The higher the wattage, the more wind power you will be getting. A professional hair dryer should be at least 1800 watts. This is strong enough to keep the drying process fast and will work wonders on those with thick hair.

A DC dryer means Direct Current, and an AC dryer stands for alternating current. Most professional hairdressers will choose AC motor dryers because they get hotter and are stronger.

Heat Settings

A good hair dryer will have multiple heat settings, so you can adjust according to your clients hair type. Having different heat settings will help keep your clients hair healthy and happy. Clients with fine or thin hair won't need a hair dryer to be as hot as one with very thick hair. As well, using a hair dryer that is too hot on finer hair can lead to burnt or damaged hair. Having a low heat setting, paired with a good heat protectant will keep your clients hair safe from heat damage.

Most hair dryers today will have a cool shot setting. This is usually a button that you can push and hold to emit a shot of cold air. Cold air is a must for smoothing hair and locking in the style. Just a few minutes of cool air on a section will help keep the style in place for longer.

Ionic, tourmaline, ceramic

So much to choose from! You will notice most professional, or expensive hair dryers use one of these technologies to help give your clients the best hair they can get!

  • Ionic Hair dryer- Ionic dryers use ions to help reduce frizz. These dryers do this by releasing negative ions. These negative ions will then attract positive ions and when you add a negative and positive together - they get neutralised. By using ionic technology to neutralise ions, we are helping to get rid of static electricity, flyaways and frizz. Ionic hair dryers are not always the best for very fine or thin hair. They can tend to make this hair type fall flat.
  • Tourmaline hair dryers- Tourmaline dryers use a similar technology to ionic dryers, however they step it up even more. Tourmaline is a semi precious gemstone. Tourmaline technology uses this gem stone, crushed up to coat parts of the hair dryer. Tourmaline hair dryers emit negative ions to help smooth locks and prevent frizz while also creating infrared heat to lock in moisture and speed up dry time. Tourmaline technology is better than just a tourmaline coating, so make sure you're getting a hair dryer with all the tech! 
  • Ceramic or porcelain dryer- Ceramic or porcelain dryers are well known for drying hair quickly and efficiently. They heat up fast and evenly across their surface, making for smooth blow drying. A ceramic or porcelain dryer will smooth even the most coarse hair you will come across. Most of these dryers use infrared technology to dry hair faster and boost shine.


What comes with your blow dryer is as important as what is in it ! Having different attachments will help make your heat styling easier.

You will want to make sure your hair dryer comes with a concentrator nozzle. A concentrator nozzle is used to direct hot air to a concentrated area. This is a must have for getting smooth, shiny hair. By directing the hot air, or cold air to one spot you can smooth out the hair shaft and reduce frizz.

Next up you'll want a diffuser attachment. High end blow dryers like the dyson supersonic hair dryer come with their own diffuser. A diffuser attachment is a handy tool for curly hair. A diffuser helps to distribute the heat and power. It keeps too much air from being concentrated in one place, making it perfect for helping to dry curly hair and keep it frizz free!

So does it matter?

We think it does matter which hair dryer you choose. You will also want one that is lightweight and comfortable for you! The blow drying process can be long and hard on our shoulders, so making sure we have the best hair dryer for us can be a huge help! Hopefully we have helped you understand what to look for when choosing the best hair dryer for you... and your clients!

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