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Tips On Cutting Kids And Babies Hair

February 06, 2023

There's no denying that taking your baby to get his or her first haircut is a daunting experience for the parent and child.

Your baby is either blessed with lots of hair when they are born or blessed with no hair for you so you don't have to rush out and cut it for your baby anytime soon.

From experience and talking to children's hair stylists we have found that cutting a baby's hair can sometimes be less stressful then cutting a toddlers hair. Once a baby becomes a toddler they are naturally more aware, so this means you have to do more of those trick’s of distracting them when you cut their hair.

Today we will go through tips and tricks for parents and for the hairstylist to ease that baby or toddler's first haircut, because believe it or not that hairstylist will be just as nervous as you!

When to do a baby's first haircut

It is no myth that a baby's hair will grow at different paces around your baby's head resulting in a very uneven hairstyle. Whether your baby has thick hair, thin hair or even cradle cap and bald patches there will come a time when it's very clear they need their first haircut.

Some babies may need their first haircut sooner or later than others. The longer you put off cutting all the different hair lengths, then the longer it will take to grow out evenly.

If your baby has fine wispy sections of longer hair that you have been so desperately hanging onto, by trimming or shortening these sections it will allow time for the rest of the hair to catch up and start growing. even the slightest trim everywhere else will stimulate hair growth.

Others may find their babies have thick hair that may need a tidy up, so even tidying up around the ears, face and neckline is enough to make the baby hair look presentable.

People say that a baby should have a haircut before its first birthday and they are probably right because hair needs that first cut to be able to grow in places. At the end of the day there is no pressure to cut your babies hair this soon, it all comes down to personal preference and how determined you are to see the baby hair grow.


Tips to cut baby's hair

  1. Timing is key:Make sure your baby is well fed and well slept before attempting a haircut.
  2. Have the entertainment ready:Weather it's your babies favorite kid show, a sibling or favorite toy
  3. Have the baby in just a nappy:If you're at home then having your baby just in their nappy will stop hair from getting stuck in their clothes and itching them.
  4. Bring a change of clothes:Just incase your baby doesn't like the cutting cape, bring a change of clothes so they can be comfortable after the haircut
  5. Cut your baby's hair while they sleep:If you baby doesn't like haircuts or won't keep still while they are awake then try doing small trims while they sleep. Make sure their bed sheets and clothes are changed after or put them to sleep not in the bed that day in preparation for the trim.

Tips for cutting toddlers hair 

  1. Don't be forceful:A toddler can become very overwhelmed easily by the noise of the clippers or the process of getting a haircut. A gentle approach is always the best one.
  2. Promise a reward after:If you Toddler is old enough to talk and communicate then promising them a reward after their haircut could be a neat trick.
  3. Bring a change of clothes:Sometimes a cutting cape can be scary for a toddler so you are forced to cut without the cape, in this case cutting the baby's hair wet is best so the hair doesn't go everywhere and bring a change of clothes just in case.
  4. Bring their favorite snack for bribing: Having a snack ready that's not sticky can keep them occupied enough to forget for a little while about the haircut.
  5. Bring a dummy:If your toddler still takes a dummy this may be able to sooth them enough to keep calm while getting a haircut.
  6. Have ready their favorite toy:Keeping them distracted with their favorite toy could be the trick. 
  7. Bring an IPad or have a TV ready for distraction:You know the power of technology with most kids and how they can be glued to the screen, so this may be a trick that could distract them long enough for a haircut.
  8. Do they love bubbles?Say no more, if the bubbles are what your child wants then blow them the bubbles! 
  9. Bring both parents, Grand parents or a Sibling with you:Another friendly face in the mix could be just what your child needs.
  10. Take breaks if you need to: Don't overwhelm your child and give them a small break to play with their toy or introduce any of the tricks listed above.

Gentle tools for cutting kids and baby's hair

Now this section is for all the children hairdressers, home hairdressers or a hairdresser wanting to be prepared when cutting kids and baby's hair.

One of the most recommended professional haircutting scissors we recommend to use on babies and kids hair is theMatsui Precision Shears. The reason we recommend these scissors is because of the fine tipped and narrowed edge blade. With a narrowed tip blade you can get closer into tricky areas like around the ears or even just perfect a small baby's head.

Researching the most silent clippers and mini clippers. There's no denying that the sounds of loud clippers can freak any child out, so finding quiet ones is your best bet. Also making sure that clipper is suitable for cutting fine hair.

Also a fun colorful spray bottle is always a great idea too!


Just like a children's book we have come to the end of the story..

When it comes to cutting a baby's hair it takes time and patience on both ends to make sure your child is as calm and as happy as possible. Sometimes going for the quickest hairstyle like a shaved head or a slight trim is all you can go for. Lower your expectations about how you want the child's hair to turn out and opt for what haircut is easiest on the day.

We wish you Good luck because luck is what it comes down to most times.

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