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How To Service Your Scissors

February 13, 2023

You've found your perfect pair! Yay! That's great news. Now you need to know how to keep these scissors feeling, looking and working to their greatest potential. Giving your new scissors lots of love is important. Let us show you how to care for your scissors!

Protecting your scissors

Your brand new Matsui scissors have arrived packaged tightly away in their protective case. They arrive this way to ensure that they receive no bumps or bruises when being shipped to you. However this case is not just for shipping!

Keeping your scissors stored safely away in a scissor case will protect them from being accidentally dropped or banged on your station. We all know there is nothing worse than the sound of dropped scissors. Part of your scissor maintenance should include proper protection and storage of your scissors. After a long, hard day make sure to store those scissors away!

It is also important to remember when to use your scissors. To protect them from any damage make sure you are only using them to cut hair. Better yet , make sure you are using them to cut clean hair! Cutting only hair will keep them from becoming damaged by things like paper. Cutting clean hair will prevent build up of products, dirt or sand that can result in damage to your scissors. 

Cleaning your scissors

When your new pair of scissors arrive it is important to clean them. And then keep cleaning them between clients! To keep your scissors working well you do not want to let them have too much dirt, product or hair build up on them. Regular cleaning of your shears will ensure they stay sharper longer.

In your scissor case you will find a soft cloth. This soft, dry cloth is there for wiping your shears clean after every use. To make sure your scissors are sterilised properly use a soft clean cloth and add a little bit of isopropyl alcohol. Wipe your blades. The alcohol sterilises your blades and also dries them out, preventing corrosion and premature wear and tear. Other sterilization liquid such as barbicide can cause your scissors to feel sticky and over time lead to rust. The cleaning process is an important step in servicing and maintaining your scissors.

Oil those scissors!

Next up you'll find a Scissor tech scissor oil in your case. At the end of every busy day it is important to remember to oil your scissors. Oiling your scissors will help keep the blades sharp longer and help remove any excess hair left behind. With the scissors open place one small drop of oil on each of the blades, where they meet. This is called the pivot point. Carefully open and close your scissors to loosen any leftover hair. Wipe your two blades with a clean, soft cloth to remove any excess oil. Doing this every day will help prevent your scissors from becoming dull.

Adjust the tension!

Now you've cleaned your scissors and oiled them it's time to adjust them. Checking and adjusting the tension should be part of your regular maintenance to ensure a smooth and quiet run. Cutting with the wrong scissor tension can dull the cutting edge, make cutting hair difficult and uncomfortable. The correct tension is so important!

If your scissors are too tight they may be harder for you to open and close, causing user fatigue and sore hands. It can also make a haircut sound louder and be more uncomfortable for a client.

If your scissors are too loose you can damage the blades, push and pull hair instead of cutting it. Having tension that is too loose or too tight can lead to dull scissors. This is why correct tension adjustment is key.

To check the tension of your scissors carefully open them, using the thumb finger loop, to a 90 degree angle. Drop the thumb loop. If they do not close past 45 degrees they are too tight. If they close all the way, or below 20 degrees they are too loose. 

Some scissors have a built in tension adjustment screw, while others need a seperate tension adjuster. If your new scissors need a tension adjuster you will find it in your new maintenance kit. Simply turn the screw to the right once to tighten or to the left once to loosen to achieve the correct tension. Be careful not to over tighten or loosen them.

Scissor Sharpening

You have done all you are supposed to do to keep your scissors in their best shape. Eventually you will still need a professional sharpening service to help you out. A good pair of scissors should be sharpened approximately every 6-12 months. If you're a hairdresser who spends half their day doing colour you may find that you can last 12 months without a scissor sharpening and service. If you're a barber who is a bit harder on their scissors you may find your barber scissors need to be sharpened every 4-6 months. Either way it is important to find a scissor sharpener who you trust with your tools. 

A good scissor sharpener will not only be able to sharpen scissors but also help repair any damage that may have occurred to your blade edges. As hairstylists we aren't always perfect and we have all been there, the dreaded scissor drop. If this happens to you it is best to put down your dropped scissors and call your sharpener. Continuing to cut hair with these scissors may cause further damage. Most likely as long as you haven't broken the tip of the scissors, they can be saved!

You've got the perfect scissor..

and now you have the perfect hairdressing scissors service routine. You're guaranteed many years of smooth, straight, precision cutting! Enjoy those scissors and if you need any help with your maintenance and service routine, we are always here to help!

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