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Lengths Of Haircutting Scissors And What Is The Best For Certain Types Of Cutting

January 30, 2023

We know there are many things to consider when choosing scissors. Do you first decide what colour you want? What steel or style? Let us give you a quick lesson about the different lengths of scissors and how each one can benefit you and your cutting style!

Here we will break down the different lengths and what to best use them for !

Smaller Sized Scissors

Like most hair stylists your first pair of professional hairdressing scissors were probably a 5.5 inch scissor. Here is why you may want to consider a pair of short hair cutting shears.

When you first pick up a smaller size hair scissor they may feel quite small in your hand. Smaller sized scissors are classified as a 4.5 inch scissor or 5 in scissor. However, these may be the right pair of scissors for you to add to your tool kit especially if you use any of these hair cutting techniques.

Small scissors are perfect for the hairstylist who does a lot of shorter, pixie style cuts. These cuts require a lot of smaller detail, especially around the ears and neckline. Using short shears will help you get those details just right!

Small scissors are great for point cutting. This hair cutting technique involves cutting points into the hair. You can also soften lines in a haircut by cutting into each section. With short scissors you will have more control of your point cutting and are less likely to cut yourself!

If you're looking to try out a smaller pair of scissors have a look atTHESE. The Jaguar Pre style Ergo range from 4.5inch - 6 inch and are perfect for that small detail work!

Regular Scissors

Regular scissors are classified as 5.5 inch and 6 inch scissors. As we mentioned earlier these hair scissors are the ones you most likely have been using since you started cutting hair. These scissors can be used for most haircutting techniques. They are a must have for trimming hair, slice cutting and all types of hair cutting. You will also find that most thinning scissors and texturizing scissors are 5.5 inches or 6 inches. 

When choosing a regular sized scissor you still need to decide between the 5.5inch and 6 inch blade. This may seem pretty basic, but there is some science behind it. While 5.5 and 6 inches may sound like they're close enough in size it won't make a huge difference, here's how to choose the best for you. Simply take either size and measure the blade on your palm and middle finger. The right size hair cutting scissors for you should reach from the middle of your palm to the second knuckle of your middle finger. You may find that if you have smaller hands your favourite pair of hairdressing scissors are 5.5 inch. They will fit and feel the best.

For the best everyday pair of scissors we recommend check out our Precision lineHERE. These are the best hairdressing scissors for most techniques, especially precision cutting!

Longer scissors

Long shears are classified as 6.5 inch to 8 inch. You may often find that barber scissors are longer scissors, averaging in size from 7-8 inches. But long blade scissors are no longer just for barbers! Having a longer pair of hairdressing scissors can help elevate your cutting!

The great thing about using longer scissors is that when you cut, you are opening and closing your scissors less. This means straight line cutting becomes quicker and easier. With long scissors they will cut the same the whole length of the scissor blade. Making for very straight lines. Long hair scissors are the right tools for all blunt cutting techniques. If you're a stylist who cuts a lot of thick hair into perfect bobs- these are a must have in your life! They are also great for cutting on the skin, again think bob cut ! Longer blades mean more control against the skin, and less opening and closing the blade to get the perfect line!

Long hair cutting scissors are a must have for mens cuts! They are best used for scissor over comb techniques. Using a longer blade means you can take larger sections without compromising the blending of the cut. 

There are a few other details you will find on barber shears that may also be helpful to you. You will often find barbers using micro serrated scissors. These scissors will have tiny little serrations on the cutting blade . These little cuts are perfect for holding hair in place while you cut. This is great for getting those completely straight lines ! So this may be another detail you look for when purchasing long blade scissors, as you may find that hair slips more with narrow tipped scissors, or a convex edge blade. 

If you're looking for the best long hair cutting scissor check out our Matte Black Matsui Precision 7 inch Barber scissorHERE. The long, sharp blade of these scissors are what you need for all your cutting and barbering techniques. They are perfect for blunt cutting !

The Right Pair of Hairdressing Scissors..

is of course the one that feels right to you ! You may find that you want a longer scissor however they feel bulky or heavy in your hands. This means that your hands may be better suited for a 6 inch scissor. A hairdresser with larger hands may find they feel more awkward with a smaller scissor. This is why we recommend using this article to choose which length will be best for you, ordering the best one you can find, and then if you don't like it, we have a 7 Day Return Policy ! Perfect for those experimenting with different length scissors!

Of course if you have more questions about picking the right scissors for you, feel free to reach out to one of our friendly Scissor tech customer service reps! 

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