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The EOFY Guide to Swivel Scissors

June 27, 2018

Wrist pain is one of the most common complaints of barbers and stylists. This is usually due to the restricted, repetitive wrist movements that occur when you handle a pair of scissors for long periods of time.

For years, we have known great stylists who were forced to give up their careers due to severe wrist injuries such as carpal syndrome. To address this problem, manufacturers focused on creating ergonomically beneficial designs for their shears.

Swivel scissors are ergonomic shears. Unlike the traditional ones, swivel scissors enable you to rotate the ring where the thumb is inserted, allowing its user to position the shears in different angles while the wrist and elbows are rested in a neutral and natural position.

To further promote the use of ergonomic shears, Scissor Tech has included its best swivel options in our annual End of Financial Year Sale.

Check out our best picks below.



If you haven't used swivel shears before, it may take some time for your fingers to get used to this new tool. Good thing this Wrist Reduction Package is on sale right now! This will not just help you prevent or reduce wrist pain but it can definitely help you practice the use of swivel shears especially if you're a beginner.



Add a bit of style to your swivel scissors with the Cahira Swivel from the Kamisori collection. The intricate design of this piece is absolutely stunning. But the best part of it is the easy-to-use swivel ring that gives you the right leverage when you're attempting different cutting styles.



Not sure if you're ready for the Triple Set but still want to take advantage of the EOFY sale? Then try your best with a Scissor/Thinner combo. This swivel shear combo that comes in Rose Gold is definitely a showstopper. Not feeling the Rose Gold, then maybe this Matte Black would do.

Why We Love Swivel Shears?

The swivel enables you to control the shears, instead of the shears controlling you. In doing so, you take a great amount of weight off the wrists, therefore minimizing muscle strain and all other potential health risks.

For those who desire of pursuing a long-term career, we suggest you invest in a good pair of swivel scissors. It not only allows you to perform a wide variety of cuts but more importantly, experiencing less pain and numbness in your wrists will eventually increase your ability to do more work and thus increase output.

What If Swivel Shears Are Not For Me?

We understand that swivel shears are not for everyone. If this is the case, Scissor Tech has a 7-day return policy where you'll be able to ship back the scissors get a full refund in case you don't like them. Learn more about these in our EOFY 2018 Sales Guide.

Product Feature: Rose Gold Hair Scissors Collection

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