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Product Feature: Rose Gold Hair Scissors Collection

July 16, 2018

Rose gold seems to be everywhere these days, from gadgets to jewellery, and yes, even to Rose Gold hairdressing scissors. Rose Gold is a gentle, romantic colour. It provides a luminous glow that eludes classic elegance but with a hint of personality. Compared to those bland, monochromatic metallics such as gold and silver, rose gold offers you that fun, refreshing edge that easily complements both male and female stylists.

The History of Rose Gold Steel.

We owe the discovery of this unique, subtle hue to Carl Fabergé, a renowned jeweller in 19th century Imperial Russia. He was able to achieve this blush-toned hue by mixing yellow gold with the reddish-toned copper. The colour was initially referred to as “Russian Gold”, and as it became popular with jewellers around the world, it eventually got the name rose gold.

There are a lot of variations out there that attempt to mix gold and copper together, resulting in a more scarlet coloured shade. Few artisans have the ability to find the balance between copper, gold, and a hint of silver, to come up with the exquisite rose gold shimmer that everyone has been raving about.

As a stylist, getting that perfect rose gold hue is an obvious must! Not only do we want our shears to be of high quality and look absolutely stunning, we also want it to last for years.

The Matsui Rose Gold Hair Scissor Collection

Our Matsui brand offers a wide-range of rose gold shears that showcase that unique rose gold colour in a radiant shade that impresses but does not overpower, resulting in a classic hue that goes with any skin colour.

At Scissor Tech, we also value quality above everything else, which is why we only use the highest quality Japanese steel. To make the colours of our shears last, we’ve hired the services of one of the best in the industry when it comes to titanium colour coating. In fact, our shears are serviced by the same company that does colour finishing for premium Casio watches.

Here’s a glance at some of our best-selling rose gold hair scissors. If you’re unsure which one you should choose, or are curious about how they differ, feel free to read our guide below. 

rose gold scissors triple set by Matsui


The Aichei Mountain Range is our latest addition to our Matsui collection. These scissors were made to be more lightweight and easy-to-use. We used high-quality cobalt-infused steel to make them the best for slide cutting. This is the only set that comes with a mountain blade razor which best complements point cutting, feathering, and texturising.

Best used for: slide cutting, blunt cutting, texturising, point cutting



At first glance, you could immediately see the unique attributes of this set. This double threat combines the delicate aura of rose gold, with a sleek matte black accent colour. Compared to the Aichei Mountain range, the Precision set has a thicker blade. You would also see that they have a more unique handle style, as they are edgier rather than rounded.

Best used for: all-around cutting styles 


The Matsui Rose Gold Triple Set is a combination of our best offset shears. It comes with two cutting scissors and one thinning scissors. If you're looking to invest in a brand new pair of scissors, we believe purchasing in sets would help you get the best value for your money. More scissors will not only increase the longevity of your shears, it will also help you master different types of techniques. The offset handle also helps in the prevention of wrist pain.

Best used for: slide cutting, layering, dry cutting

Why have one pair of rose gold hair scissors when you can have four? The Refresh set presents serious hairdressers with the opportunity to hone their skills and maximise their potential. Made with cobalt-infused steel, these scissors can last you a lifetime! Not only will these help you practice new techniques, these will also help you save a lot compared to purchasing scissors on their own.

Best used for: all-around cutting styles, new techniques


We believe swivel scissors don't have to look awkward and boring. Made with high-quality Japanese steel, these Rose Gold Hair Scissors offer a superior blend of style, convenience and strength. If you are suffering from wrist pain due to hair cutting, swivel shears are your best bet to prevent further injuries while maintaining the quality of your job and helping you heal.

Best used for: slide cutting, point cutting, blunt cutting, wrist pain management


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