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Everything You Need To Know About Our End of Financial Year Sale

May 23, 2018

It’s that time of the year again to treat yourself to new tools and save lots and lots of money. And no, we’re not talking about Christmas. We’re talking about something even better – The Scissor Tech End of Financial Year Sale.

If you’ve been drooling over a luxurious Matsui Rose Gold Scissors, now is the perfect time to invest in one.

Here at Scissor Tech, we value our customers more than we value profit. We strive at informing our buyers about the benefits of purchasing from us so they get the most out of their money.

Before diving into our limited offers, here are a few things you need to consider.


End of financial year sales offer tons of great deals ranging from 2-for-1 offers to large percentage discounts (40-60% off). Considering how pricey quality hairdressing scissors can be, these sales are your best option if you don’t have a lot of money.

Here at Scissor Tech, we offer one-of-a-kind deals that would hardly be repeated again. Check out some of our best offers below.

Tax deductibility

Scissor Tech has a range of scissors priced at $300 or less which means an immediate deduction. At this price, you can claim an immediate deduction for the cost of the asset to the extent that you used it for a taxable purpose during the income year in which the deduction is available.

For the deduction to be valid, you must meet the following requirements:

  • The item must cost $300 or less
  • You used it primarily for the purpose of generating income
  • It was not part of a set of assets you started to hold in the income year that cost more than $300
  • It was not one of a number of identical or substantially identical assets you started to hold in the income year that together cost more than $300


In addition to low prices, Scissor Tech also offers free express shipping for all our buyers! It is normal for suppliers to add sweeteners to convince you to buy. Aside from free shipping, we already offer our buyers tons of freebies! All our products come with free high-quality storage case, scissor oil and scissor tension adjuster.

You can also purchase our Scissor Care Kit above for just $20.


Our avid customers usually set aside money for an entire year and splurge on our EOFY sale. But we understand that not everyone has the luxury to do this, so we’re offering an alternative instead. Afterpay allows you to buy our products now and pay in periodic installments right after. Sometimes, end of financial year sales disable Afterpay as an option – but not us.

Scissor Tech not only offers high-quality products and great discounts, but we also provide our customers with the best payment plan options.

Scissor Tech Returns Policy

The reason why most companies offer very low prices on end of financial year sales is because they want to get rid of stock. Some of these stocks are too old, you can’t be certain of its quality. Sometimes, you would be in such a hurry because of the limited time offers, you make a purchase without even thinking rationally.

If you purchase from Scissor Tech, you can easily return products within 7 days if you don’t like them. Even our sales items are subject to this generous return policy.

Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty

Oftentimes, buyers are such in a hurry to buy, they forget to check the fine print. Some brands offer limited warranties on sales items. But at Scissor Tech, we thrive on the quality of our products and the loyalty of our customers. All of our scissors comes with a lifetime guarantee, even the ones on sale.

Excellent Customer Service

Have you ever felt such a strong connection with a brand only to have them abandon you once the sale is over? We know how disappointing that feels.

Scissor Tech strives to offer customer service that is second to none. We love connecting with our customers whether it’s through email, phone call, or social media. Whether it’s about a product defect, a recommendation, or industry advice, we’re happy to help you out!

After Sales Sharpening

We offer professional scissor sharpening services, so not only will you get the best quality scissors, you can also trust us to sharpen them so that they last as long as possible. It’s highly important that you hire the services of a hairdressing scissor sharpening expert, and not just any sharpening company since blades for cutting hair are significantly different from your regular shears.

If you truly want your shears to last, having a specialized tool for each cutting style would not only enhance your cutting techniques. They are also necessary for lengthening the life of your investments.

Use the end of financial year sale to stock your tool belt with the best equipment in your trade. With our extra special prices, you can definitely get a lot more for less.

Check out our collections now and get yourself a cash-saving upgrade!

We Offer Sleek, Cutting-Edge, Twin Hairdressing Scissor Sets

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