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The Correct Way To Use Swivel Scissors

October 03, 2022

If you're from the land of not living or have been living under a rock, these really are the only two ways you wouldn't be familiar with Swivel hair cutting scissors if you're in the industry. 

But seriously that's a joke and it's totally okay to not know what these wonderful hair cutting scissors are. In fact it's really perfect you have stumbled across our blog today, because by the end of this you will be a Swivel Scissors expert.

To put it really simply, Swivel Scissors have a swivel thumb hole instead of your traditional fixed position thumb hole. By having a swiveling thumb hole this will allow your thumb to rest in a more natural position while cutting, which will result in less tension through your wrists and hands.

Tips on how to use a Swivel Scissors 

Holding your Swivel Scissors in your hand is much like holding any other type of hairdressing scissors. 

The tricky part about holding and using a swivel thumb scissors is just really taking the time to be familiar with the change of the swivel thumb. Most people find a Swivel Scissor to be extremely awkward at first, but like most things in life.. practice can make it perfect. Sometimes all you need is repetitive practice and then after a while your brain will just click and then using a Swivel Scissors will be second nature to you.

The correct way to use these scissors is to lower your elbow and arm while cutting. This is a huge benefit to reducing back and shoulder pains and a position you can't do while using traditional Scissors. 

So not only will these scissors benefit hand and wrist fatigue because of the swivel thumb helping that, but it will also benefit the rest of you body like you shoulder, back and even neck because of you being able to change one small detail when cutting and that's to lower your elbow to change your posture.

Swivel hair scissors can cut all different types of hair length like medium length hair or shorter hair styles. So let's get into what type of hairstylist's will actually benefit from using these magic scissors.

Who will benefit from using a Swivel Scissors

Do you suffer from hand fatigue or even shoulder pains? Then Swivel Scissors are the solution to all your problems.

Swivel Scissors were designed to help those suffering from repetitive motion injuries related injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Having a diagnosis like RSI or Carpal Tunnel before Swivel Scissors existed meant that many hairstylists were not able to continue on their career due to the amount of pain and strain the condition would take on their body. Now it's really as easy as investing in a pair of Swivel Scissors and visiting the physiotherapy for treatment and now in time your body can heal.

With saying this you don't need to have RSI or Carpal Tunnel to use these scissors. 

If you are simply looking for something comfortable that won't cause you hand fatigue or pains then this is really the most comfortable hairdressing scissors you could possibly hope to use.

What type of Swivel Scissors are there?

Swivel hair Scissors can come in all different types, sizes and brands.

The most common sizes you will come by are 5.5 inches and 6 inches and they are the sizes we like to sell as they are the most comfortable to work with. A 5.5 Inch Swivel is a perfect size for a salon hairdressing scissor and all round cutting. A 6 inch Swivel is best for barbering or just larger hands in general when it comes to salon cutting.

Swivel hair scissors are also made in Thinning Scissors. This is a game changer as Thinning Scissors are used a lot in hairdressing and barbering, so to be able to change scissors throughout a haircut without compromising the comfort of the swivel hair cutting scissors is great.

How to correctly service Swivel Scissors

When it comes to prolonging the life of your hairdressing scissors it is always important to know how to correctly service your scissors.

Servicing your Swivel hair scissors is much like servicing any type of haircutting scissors but the main difference is remembering to oil the swivel joints of the scissors too. So as it's really the same as traditional scissors, here's a quick recap for you on the best way to prolong the life of your scissors.

How to maintain your scissors:

  • Wipe off any excess hair and water as often as you can throughout the day with you cleaning cloth of paper towel and finish off with sterilizing your scissors with professional scissor cleaning alcohol.
  • Don't let your scissors soak in any Barbicide solution as this can cause the steel to corrode over time.
  • After the scissors have been cleaned then that is always the perfect opportunity to oil them. Place a small drop of oil on each side of the blade and on the swivel thumb mechanics. Work in the oil by opening and closing the scissors 10-20 times. Once you have worked in the scissors oil, wipe away any excess oil with a cloth.
  • Make sure you don't get any oil on the thumb ring where your thumb is placed as that could make it very easy for your thumb to slip and result in dropping your beloved scissors.
  • We recommend you Sharpen your Swivel Scissors at least twice a year with a specialized hairdressing scissors sharpener in your area.

So we started off the blog by asking ourselves what is the best way to use your Swivel hair Scissors?

As mentioned above the best way to use the Swivel Hair Scissors properly is to lower your elbow while cutting in order to change your whole pain free cutting experience, it really is that simple.

That's why the Swivel hair Scissors are widely popular in the industry, because if you talk to the right people who actually use them they will tell you how much of a game changer they really are.

If you ever needed guidance or advice when buying your Swivel hair scissorsshethen please feel free to reach out to one of our knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives.

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