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Maintenance Of Hair Cutting Scissors

September 27, 2022

The maintenance of hair cutting shears really isn't as hard as some would think. In fact, it's pretty easy if you know what you're doing and have been shown the correct way. However, as we know in a busy salon environment it can be super easy to forget or run out of time to maintain your shears. Which is why we're here to teach you the easiest and correct way to get the job done!

Steps to follow

Let's make it super easy before we complicate things with a simple step by step guide on how to maintain your hair cutting scissors. First we'll start with the everyday basic maintenance.

Step 1

Wipe down/ clean scissor blades and remove any excess hair or water with a soft clean cloth, (A soft cloth is usually provided when scissors are purchased)

Step 2

Once your scissors are hair free then it's time to apply oil to them with the scissor oil provided. To do this, simply open the scissors (keep the scissors open) and apply shear oil on the screw area of the shear on both sides. Once applied the shear oil opens and closes your scissors. This helps to distribute the oil evenly. Once oiling is completedon'twipe the oil off, it needs to stay on there to absorb properly.

Step 3

Once oiling is complete, then you need to check the tension of your scissors. Not sure how to check the tension? Watch this quick video here. A correct tension adjustment is always required because having the wrong tension can lead to damaged scissors or even pulling on a client's hair making it super uncomfortable for them.

Step 4

Put your scissors back into their scissor case or protective case ready for their next use. You should always use a protective case to not only properly store your scissors but also to ensure no damage or further damage (if already damaged) can happen to your scissors/scissor blades. It also helps to prevent damage if your scissors are dropped, whether it's a small drop or one from a great height, you won't need to worry if they are damaged or not because they would be safe and secure in the case.

Other types of Maintenance

The cleaning process mentioned above can seem time consuming but once you know what you're doing it will become second nature and you wont leave it long periods of time between your daily oiling and keeping the right tension adjusted correctly at all times.

Professional hairdressers and barbers know that yes, you can use alcohol based cleaning liquids if necessary when proper cleaning is involved but it is also known to not leave the liquid on the shears as it can lead to premature wear and therefore shorten the life of your scissors. So if you're to use alcohol based liquids be sure to wipe them off quickly with either a paper towel or a clean cloth that will dry it also.

As long as regular cleaning is applied to your shears then lucky for you the maintenance of your scissors won't be as frequent as someone that doesn't do regular maintenance for their scissors.

The last and final bit of Maintenance you should be doing is in fact done by someone else. A scissor sharpener of course! Hair cutting shears aren't meant to last forever unfortunately, but with the help of a professional sharpening service it can prolong the life of your scissors! Naturally scissors get dull over time from cutting hair day in and day out, which causes the haircutting scissors to get blunt/dull and therefore wont cut hair nicely.

We recommend you to sharpen your hairdressing scissors once every 6 - 12 months (depending on how often they are used) . Some may find they need them sharpened more regularly because they might be using them more than others or have other tools they use and don't always rely on the one pair. Whereas some might only have one pair they use all day every day and wear it out quicker. But as the general rule, as long as you're sharpening them every 6 - 12 months you can be sure your scissors will last you!

Easy enough!

We said this would be the easiest and correct maintenance information didn't we? Hopefully now you can confidently maintain your hairdressing scissors without a worry! If you're still having trouble - check out our youtube channel that has all the 'how to's' to help guide you. Or reach out to our friendly customer service team with any questions you may have!


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