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Top 3 Hair Cutting Scissors For Hair Extensions

October 10, 2022

Hair extensions are becoming more and more popular in the hairdressing world these days. Which is why all hairdressers need to be trained and equipped with the right knowledge and tools for the job. Hair extensions have certainly come a long way since when they first came out or became popular. If anything, it's super rare to come across long, thick and lush hair that is all completely natural (not saying it's not uncommon or unheard of for those natural beauties out there, but they are way more rare nowadays). So if one of your clients is after some lush locks be sure to have these top 3 hairdressing scissors for extensions at hand so you can give your client the most perfect blend to finish their new do!

Matsui Precision Hair Cutting scissors

As many of you know, hair extensions are a fine form of precision and perfection. So what better pair of scissors to have other than the Matsui Precision hair cutting scissors. Ranging in silver, rainbow, matte black or rose gold, There's certainly a colour to suit everyone. Why the precision range for extensions? Because the precision range is designed for just that. Precision work from professional hairdressers. With the best quality steel (Japanese steel of course) and offset handles, pointed and longer blades, makes cutting in/blending and cutting in layers with the point cut method to blend out the extensions a breeze!

Matsui VG10 Slider

If you know anything about cutting hair extensions then you'll know it's not like a traditional hair cut. yes, you cut a baseline but you don't section the hair like you would a standard cut. much like layering, yes you layer the hair, but you certainly don't bring the hair up to your top box section with your comb before cutting them in. You simply find the end of the clients natural hair and start slide cutting in a downward motion to create seamless layers and the perfect blend.

Which is where the Matsui VG10 slider pairs perfectly for this job! The VG10 Slider is designed to do just that - Slide cutting. If you try to blunt with these you wont have much luck as the hair will be pushed off the blade rather than cut. So it's best to have these sliders to do your slide cutting through your layering and shaping and the mentioned above precision to complete all your blunt and precision cuts so you can have the best of both worlds!

Matsui Offset Thinner 

What hair cutting shears without their thinning scissors!? After you've got your good pair of cutting scissors you'll need to pair them up with good quality stainless steel thinning scissors. A pair of thinning shears for extensions must include a minimum of 35 teeth. Why? because any less they quickly turn into texturises and we certainly don't want to be texturising hair extensions! The thinning shears will help to remove any unwanted bulk of the extensions whilst still giving you the control of not taking too much hair away.

So there we have it, the top 3 must have shears when it comes to cutting hair extensions. of course you should be purchasing haircutting scissors that have the best ergonomics to them including but not limited to high quality steel, an easy to work tension screw, sharp blade to cut dry or wet hair and the appropriate length to be the best hair cutting scissors one could own for not only hair extensions but also everyday hairdressing and barbering! If you're feeling overwhelmed with the choice of these top 3 that are considered the best hair cutting scissors for hair extensions then feel free to reach out to our team and we can help further! Happy cutting!

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