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Are Ergonomic Scissors Essential For Hairdressers?

September 19, 2022

Firstly, if you don't know what ergonomic means then we'll need to start with that first. Ergonomic by definition means anything that relates to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment. Pair that with scissors then essential you have efficiency and comfort in hair cutting scissors. Therefore less likely to cause strained muscles in your hand, arm or wrist.

What handle designs are ergonomic?

Ergonomic shears usually include designs like Offset, Swivel or Crane handle shears. If you've been in the hair game a while now and know what ergonomic shears are then you'll more than likely know how essential they can be for hairdressers and barbers! As we mentioned above, the ergonomic hair shears are by the handle design. The most common ergonomic designs are Offset, Swivel and of course the Crane handle

What about the Classic handle you ask? Well, it's super clear that the Classic handle design provides no support whatsoever! The Classic design is just that - a classic that has had no development to it. While this design is still in use, it's not suited for anyone with any developing pain or carpal tunnel syndrome that may have been caused by their hairdressing career. So when it comes to ergonomic hair shears it's best to forget about the classic handle design if you want to steer clear of wrist pain, shoulder pain, arm pain you name it.

Ergonomic hair shears are essential

In a nutshell - if you're wanting a long career in hairdressing or barbering, then yes ergonomic hair shears are completely essential! Ergonomic hair shears will help to keep your fingers, hands, wrist even arms in a more neutral position when cutting hair which is what all hairstylists need and want.

The best ergonomic hairdressing scissors someone could own is a pair of swivel shears. Why? Well, simply because hairdressing scissors are designed to cut by opening and closing the hairdressing scissors themselves which can lead to hand fatigue and other underlying wrist injury. Whereas the swivel shears can come in either a single (Thumb ring that swivels) or double swivel (ring finger and thumb ring swivel) Such scissors (the swivel rang) are great to fully open and close your palms in its more natural position possible, thus preventing strain or potential injury to the stylist.

When cutting a client's hair you may think any hair cutting scissors will do, well for a couple days that's fine, but long term it's a no go and will more than likely take its toll on your body. As we have always mentioned or stressed if you take care of your body in hairdressing, because without it there is no hairdressing career! So make the smart choice and choose ergonomic hair shears to help prolong your hair career. Your hands will thank you for it! 

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