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Why It's Important To Care For Your Haircutting Scissors

January 09, 2023

Every hairstylist in the world will agree, your scissors are one of the most important objects in your life, probably right up there with your mobile phone. You most likely use them all day, everyday. Treating your scissors right can help prolong their life, and make your life easier !

How to properly care for your scissors

When your hair cutting scissors arrive from us you will find they come in a soft protective case. This case is to prevent any damage to your scissors as they make the trip to you. However, it is important that you store your hair scissors safely away at the end of every day. Loose scissors can be easily bumped against things or knocked on the floor, which can cause serious damage, usually reversible, but not always. Keeping them safely tucked away in a protective case will help prevent any accidents.

You may also want to consider purchasing a holster or scissor mat. A holster will help keep your scissors safe on your body. This means no accidents from someone walking past your station. A scissor mat will help keep them on your station, as well as protected from any water damage or spills that may occur.

Now that you're storing them and protecting them let's talk about cleaning and proper care.

Daily cleaning of your scissors is a very important step! In your scissor maintenance kit, that comes with your new scissors, you will find a soft cloth. You need to use this cloth between every haircut to help remove any hairs that are stuck to the blades. You can use a tiny drop of isopropyl alcohol to help clean and sanitise the scissor blades. Using another cleaning solution, like barbicide, can lead to rust and sticky blades. It is best to stick to rubbing alcohol. Regular cleaning of your blades is important to keep any hair products, dirt and sticky residue from building up on them. This helps keep them cutting better, longer.

You've cleaned your blades. Now you have to oil them. Oiling your scissors regularly will help them stay sharp longer. At the end of every day, after cleaning them, place a small drop of shear oil at each pivot point of the scissor. The pivot point is where the two blades meet. After applying a small drop of oil slowly open and close your scissors to move the oil. Wipe the excess oil off with your soft cloth. This will help to remove any small hair fragments that may have been left behind after proper cleaning.

Another important step in your scissor maintenance is checking and adjusting the tension of your scissors. You should check the tension every day. To check the tension of your scissors follow these few easy steps.

First hold your scissors by the finger holes. Pick up the thumb hole to a 90 degree angle. Simply drop the thumb ring and see where it stops.

If your thumb ring stays up past 45 degrees, your scissor is too tight. If the thumb ring drops below 20 degrees ( or closes) your scissor is too loose. If you have the right tension the blade should stop at approximately 20 degrees.

To adjust the tension, use our tension adjuster key or some scissors have a tension adjustable screw already on them. Simply tighten or loosen them accordingly. Only change the tension by one small turn, to be sure you don't over tighten or over loosen them. The correct tension is so important for maintaining proper alignment of your scissors.

Why is all of this so important?

Keeping your cutting tools in top shape will affect you everyday. Hairdressing Scissors that are not properly maintained will have a negative effect on your cutting hair. Scissors that are dirty or not properly oiled will dull quicker. Cutting hair with dull scissors can affect their cutting performance. You may find that over time your haircutting scissors will push, bend or catch the hair. All these things will happen quicker if you do not take the best care of your scissors.

If you do find that your blade edges are pushing, pulling or bending the hair, it is time for some professional sharpening. Whether you send your shears out or have a blacksmith come to your salon, a professional sharpening should help fix any shear issues. It is important to remember to have your shears sharpened every 3-6 months. You don't want to sharpen them too often but having them properly sharpened is important as well.

Shear maintenance.....

is as important as hair maintenance! On a regular basis we give our clients the perfect haircut and then tell them over and over how important it is to use the right products. To keep their new hair looking and feel best they must shampoo and condition their hair properly, and use good products.

Well make sure you take some of your own advice! To keep your new hair cutting scissors looking and feeling their best, it is important to give them the best care!

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