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Here’s How Our End Of Year Financial Sale Can Help Put A Stop To Wrist Pain

February 01, 2019

In light of our annual End of Year Financial Sale, Scissor Tech has decided to emphasize the importance of preventing wrist pain.

We try to inform our buyers as much as possible about the benefits of purchasing ergonomic scissors for hairdresser wrist pain. This is due to the fact that wrist pain, and worse, carpal tunnel syndrome, continues to be the number one health risk in the industry.

Common Causes Of Hairdresser Wrist Pain

Most schools train their students on how to properly handle scissors by placing the ring finger and the thumb into the holes. This technique not only gives the stylist flexibility by using the index finger as a guide but also stability as the middle finger holds the scissors together when opening and closing.

There’s just one problem. Moving your thumb towards your ring finger is not exactly what the body considers natural motion. This causes a lot of strain on the wrist, elbow and arm. Have you ever picked up a coin using your ring finger? Of course not. You would be using your index or middle finger for that.

Instead of figuring out a new way to handle shears, scissor manufacturers thought of an alternative solution - ergonomic scissors.

What are ergonomic scissors?

Ergonomic scissors are a type of scissors designed to prevent or alleviate hand, shoulder, neck and back pain by minimizing the stress applied to these areas.

Our two most popular ergonomic scissors are the offset shears and the swivel shears.

Offset Scissors For Hairstylist Wrist Pain

One of the most popular type of ergonomic scissors are the offset scissors. Traditional shears typically have the same-sized holes and the same-sized handle length. In contrast, the offset scissors promote a more natural movement by bringing the thumb ring forward.


Matsui Rose Gold Offset Scissors, $299

Since the thumb blade is shorter and closer to the pivot, your hand freely moves with less stress. The offset scissors typically come in different styles including what we call the swivel.

You can check out the Scissor Tech blog to find more information about how offset scissors can help prevent wrist pain.

Learn more about our best offset scissors here.

Swivel Thumb Scissors For Wrist Pains

The swivel, by far, has the best ergonomic benefits. It places your hand in a neutral position when cutting to provide you with added comfort and less stress. Not only does it help prevent wrist pain but it also helps those who are already suffering from it. By using these types of shears, you can continue to do your job without adding more strain to your wrist.

View our Matsui Rose Gold Shears

Scissor Tech Australia provides one of the best swivel shears. Our scissors are designed so that your hands are spaced out better, improving your productivity and minimizing your pain.

Please read our End of Year Financial Sale Guide on Swivel Scissors to see our best swivel shears recommendations.

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