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Top 3 Bad Habits to Break for Better Hairdressing Scissors Care

February 26, 2019

Professional hairdressing scissors can be a very expensive purchase. A high-quality pair can be priced anywhere from 200 to 2000 dollars, depending on the features that it has to offer. Nevertheless, you buy them because you know that they are a great investment and every hairdresser needs one to get the job done.

When spending a large amount of money on a pair of hairdressing scissors, it is extremely important to know how to take care of them properly but let’s face it, we all have a few bad habits when it comes to caring for them! Here are the top 3 habits you should break to help you extend the life of your investment and get your money’s worth.


Better Hairdressing Scissors Care


Habit No 1: Leaving Scissors Dirty

Did you know that you should clean your hairdressing scissors after every haircut? A day in the salon can be extremely fast-paced and you may be working on a few clients all at once. Our busyness usually gets in the way and you may forget to tidy them after haircuts. This causes styling residue and hair built-up.

This is why you should regularly clean them as the moisture from products can cause corrosion and rust. Use a soft cloth to wipe them after every haircut to avoid the build-up in the first place! It’s super quick and easy so it won’t take up much of your time. Not sure that you’ll remember next time to break this bad habit? Have a few soft cloths that are brightly-coloured around the salon to remind you next time!

Scissor Care Kit

Scissor Care Kit – Scissor Tech


Habit No 2: Forgetting to Deep Clean and ‘Oil’ Your Scissors

Using a soft cloth to swiftly wipe your scissors after every haircut may seem like a good clean, but that’s not enough. The cloth cannot reach in the pivot point properly to get to the build-up of hair, especially for thinner scissors that have several teeth. At the end of a long working day, we all just want to go home as quickly as possible, so we hastily pack up our hair tools and leave. This is a bad habit that will shorten the life of your precious tool.

 Before you close the salon for the day, you should use some rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball to get rid of the styling residue and then rinse it in warm soapy water. Ensure that they are completely dried using a soft towel after washing. Then open the blades to about a 90-degree angle and then put a few drops of oil on the pivot point. Open and close the blades and then leave it overnight. The oil will flush out the product and hair built up in the pivot point.


Matsui Rose Gold Scissors

Matsui Rose Gold Scissors – Scissor Tech


Habit No 3: Not Storing Scissors Properly

The last habit you need to break is leaving your hairdressing scissors on the workbench or in a drawer where it can get scratches from the surface, which damages them. Have a designated area for your hair tool in the salon where it is protected. After washing them at the end of the day, always wipe them with a soft cloth and store it in a protective case with a soft, absorbent lining to keep it nice and dry.

Ready to break your bad habits and invest in a pair of premium quality scissors? Check out Scissor Tech’s professional hairdressing scissors that are made with premium Japanese and German steel to make your investment worthwhile!


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