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Get to Know Our Matsui Hairdressing Scissor Collection

April 24, 2019

At Scissor Tech, we offer a variety of professional hairdressing scissor brands that are of the highest calibre. Our Matsui range is no exception. In fact, the collection is filled with cutters that are superior in the hair industry for its premium quality. Here are some of the reasons why Matsui should be your go-to brand for all hairdressing scissor needs!

Strong Material

The hairdressing scissors in the Matsui range are made with the strongest Japanese steels in the world - Aichei, Hitachi VG10 and Hitachi 440C steel. Most Matsui scissors are made with Aichei steel, which ensures durability and sharpness that is long-lasting. The VG10 steel is made with high carbon content and the Hitachi 440C is made with a high concentration of Chromium, which allows them to retain sharpness and sturdiness without becoming brittle.

Sharp Mountain Blades


Sharp Mountain Blades

The Matsui scissor collection features mountain blades that allow for smoother and more flexible cutting. The sharpness of the mountain blades means that the power lays in the tip of the cutters. Combined with comfortable offset and crane handles, the mountain blade acts as a spine by adding the rigidity required for some haircutting techniques.

Comfortable Handles

All our Matsui professional hairdressing scissors are made with premium grips and a handle to provide more comfort when handling scissors all day long. The offset handle featured in most Matsui cutters allows the fingers to be positioned asymmetrically, which gives a more natural finger rest that will keep your hands relaxed and comfortable.

The crane handle found in some Matsui scissors is designed to keep your elbow and shoulder lower, which will keep your hands in a comfortable position.

Matsui scissors


Variety of Features

The Matsui cutters feature different models that are designed to create a smoother cutting process. Not only do we have traditional scissors that are great for classic haircutting techniques, but we also offer other unique features.
Swivel scissors are great for hairdressers who are suffering from Carpel Tunnel syndrome or those who just require general relief from handling hair tools for a long period of time. The swivelling thumb ring allows for a more natural hand movement that provides more comfort.

A thinner scissor and texturizing scissor are perfect for thinning out or texturizing large bulks of hair. The unique blades allow the user to control how much hair they cut off with each snip. We also provide left-handed models of our traditional Matsui scissors for left-handed stylists! Using a left-handed version will deliver more comfort and help cut hair more efficiently.

A Wide Colour Range

The Matsui Scissor Collection boasts a beautiful range of unique colours that will be the centre of attention in any hair salon. A variety of colours and finishes are available for every hairstylist to find a pair of scissors that will suit their personality and taste. Choose from an endless array of modern colours such as black, rose gold, pink and rainbow. You’ll also be satisfied with the different finishes that are available, such as chrome, shine and matte black.


matsui pink scissor


Impressed by the incredible features that Matsui has to offer? Check out the collection at Scissor Tech today!

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