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How to Deal with Clients That Has Damaged Hair

May 03, 2019

Damaged hair is one of the number one concerns of hairdressing clients that you would inevitably have had experience with as a hairdresser. Everyone wants to walk out of the salon with beautifully soft and bouncy hair, even if they’ve sat through hours of bleach.

However, most color and bleach jobs will have some sort of damage on the hair no matter what. It can be extremely difficult but not impossible to minimise the amount of damage. Follow these nifty little tricks below to save your client’s hair so that they walk out of the salon with professionally long-lasting results every time!


Use Good Scissors to Minimise Split Ends

A good trim can save the hair from damage. Trimming split ends before they split any further up the hair shaft is a great solution to prevent further hair damage. However, a bad trim with poorly made hairdressing scissors can actually make it worse.

Make sure that you use a high-quality pair of professional hairdressing scissors with super sharp and smooth blades to trim the hair. Check out Scissor Tech for premium hairdressing tools from reliable brands such as Matsui, Jaguar and Yasaka which offers a variety of hairdressing scissors such as swivel scissors, thinner scissors and left-handed scissors.


Matsui Aichei Mountain Matte Black Triple Set – Scissor Tech

Be Realistic with Your Client

It’s important for your clients to know that they may not get their dream hair with just one appointment. Making drastic hair color changes in one sitting is setting up the client and their hair for damage.

Set achievable hair goals and talk it through with your client so that they have realistic expectations and know what to expect. Huge hair changes take more than one appointment as it takes time for hair to recover. if you try to do it all in one go, you may end up damaging the client’s hair even more!

Use Treatment

Using a hair treatment that will repair the bonds of the hair strands is a must when working on a big hair transformation. After coloring or bleaching, always make sure to use a treatment that will help the hair recover from damage as much as possible. The treatment will ensure long-lasting salon results and allow your client to maintain it as long as they can.

coloring hair

Use Low Heat Settings

It is tempting to use hair tools on a higher heat setting when styling your client’s hair as it gets the job done more quickly and easily so that you can serve other waiting clients. However, using hair appliances that are unnecessarily hot, especially after a dramatic hair change, can add more heat damage to the vulnerable hair. Try to use the lowest heat setting you can get away with and always use a heat protectant to prevent further damage to the

Educate Your Client

Have a thorough discussion with your client at the end of the hair appointment to educate them on how to take care of their hair properly. Being hairdressers who spend all their days in the salon, we tend to forget that our clients may not have a good understanding of aftercare. Informing them of basic hair care tips and tricks will not only prolong their new hairstyle but will also avoid more damage in between each salon visit.

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