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Faster Cutting with Matsui’s new VG10 Range

September 05, 2018

Slow and steady is the name of the game for beginners, but as professionals trained to provide quality service to our customers, we all know that time is of the essence. Hang up all your blunt blades because we’re going to help you cut your time with Matsui’s razor sharp VG10 Range!

If you’re looking to step-up your game be it in your personal services or in your establishment, then Scissor Tech has found the right pairs for you! Its starting offer for the last quarter is a set of affordable, yet high-quality tools that will bring out the creative genius in you.

What is the VG10 Range?

This range of custom-designed artisan shears is the latest offering ofMatsui Scissors under Scissor Tech Australia. Established in 1998,Matsui Scissors have since proven to be a staple tool in the belt of every hairdresser. It is known for its excellent value for money, boasting a wide variety of scissors that suit all cutting styles, while being known as a comfortable tool to use.

These limited-edition scissors are made with better quality steel thanMatsui’s usual range. Better than Damascus steel, these high-quality cobalt-infused blades are great for slide cutting because it stays sharper for longer periods of time.

Improving Your Hairdressing Performance

As with any business, speed and efficiency is something we hairdressers aspire for in our services. When we serve more people, we become more productive, and in turn, reap more profit. This is the reason why we need tools that will help us improve, and Matsui has answers for our problems!

To provide ergonomic solutions that will help you with your efficiency, Matsui’s VG10 was designed to have a lighter weight than ordinary pairs of hairdressing scissors. This change in weight means it would require less effort to be exerted by your fingers to do your normal work. All pairs are perfectly balanced by our blade smith here in Australia to provide a more efficient cutting motion, making sure that weight is distributed evenly so you never lose your grip. Moreover, the offset handle in both scissors brings the thumb into a natural position for ergonomic cutting. The solid finger rest in the pair also never comes loose and will never get lost in its usage.

In addition, the product features a tension system that creates an extra smooth feel during use. With its tension adjuster, it helps you customize the scissors according to your needs and comfort.

And it doesn’t stop there!  As opposed to spending $999 on one scissor, you can get a set of 3 for the same price at Scissor Tech. Offers may include the 6" Matte Black VG10 Limited Edition blunt cutter that reduces wrist and shoulder strain and provides a better angle for all your scissor over comb and blunt cutting work, the 7" Matsui Matte Black VG10 black barbering scissor with an ergo handle, or a 6" Matsui Matte Black VG10 thinning scissor. All sets come with a lifetime warranty, high-quality storage case, scissor oil, scissor tension adjuster, spare blades, microfiber cleaning cloth, and spare finger inserts.

With this offer, you don’t need extra time to pore over other products that you need to complete your set. From purchase to shipping, to maintenance, and post-services, Scissor Tech Australia will help you! Get the value for your money now while getting that personalized set you need! Learn more about this product and our other offers through ourwebsite, or message us onFacebook so we can provide the fast and efficient service that you deserve!

Be On The Cutting Edge With Matsui’s VG10

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