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Southpaws Will Never Get Left Out With These Shears!

August 31, 2018

Throughout human history, scientists have researched that the population of left-handed people have remained the same at 10 percent. According toHistory.com, “it’s believed that by the end of the mid-Paleolithic era, roughly 30,000 years ago, about one-quarter of Neanderthals used their left hand, a percentage that decreased continuously until leveling out at its modern levels.” However, despite its long history, lefties are still having a hard time finding tools that are designed to their needs.

It’s a good thing that Scissor Tech Australia has handy solutions for those left out!

Cutting-Edge Convenience

swivel scissors combo

Scissor Tech Australia
Lefty Rose Gold Swivel Combo


Gone are the days when lefties need to conform to right-handed technology! Having a left-handed pair of scissors is awesome in itself, but what about your ergonomic needs? Go for maximum comfort with these swivel scissors and stop the strain and pain in your hands! These shears are made with a slightly higher quality of steel than other models in the Matsui range to handle the swivel and are sure to stay sharper for longer.

This special package also has a pair of thinning scissors made with bevel edge technology that leaves a cleaner cut that protects the hair and produces a super smooth feel as opposed to traditional thinners.

Trustworthy Tools


Jaguar scissor lefty

Scissor Tech Australia
Jaguar Lefty JP 10 5.75"


Left-handed tools are traditionally looked down on as substandard because most trusted companies do not include them in their range of products. Scissor Tech Australia challenges this notion by carrying three brands who have made a name in producing high-quality steel in Germany and in Japan.

Since their establishment in 1932,JAGUAR has worked extensively on innovations for hairdressing scissors.JAGUAR also offers a high-grade range of brushes, and electrical appliances. And with the introduction of the ThermoCut-System, Jaguar TC in 2000,JAGUAR has transformed hair cutting into a wellness treatment. More than 120 working cycles of state-of-the-art computer-controlled machines including several quality checks are carried out for each pair of scissors. A staff of 120 people produces 2,500 to 3,000 pairs of scissors in Solingen every day, employing strict standards to make cutting an activity as relaxing as possible for the hairdresser.

Matsui Scissors were established in 1998 and have since proven to be a staple tool in the belt of every hairdresser. Made from high quality Japanese steel,Matsui Scissors represent excellent value for money. There are a wide variety of scissors available to suit all cutting styles and they are a supremely comfortable tool to use.

Yasaka shears are manufactured from high quality, high purity stainless steel in Japan. The clam-shaped blades are hardened and then annealed in a complete vacuum, making them have excellent hardness, wear and abrasion resistance, and high resistance to corrosion. Each piece is expertly designed with the needs of professional hairdressers and barbers in mind, and an ergonomic handle that fits your hand perfectly. It gives you maximum control for effortless, precision cutting every time.

Wide Range of Choices


Lefty Matte Black Master Combo

Scissor Tech Australia
Lefty Matte Black Master Combo


You aren’t yourself when you can’t express your true colors. This the reason why Scissor Tech Australia has expanded beyond the steel-colored legacy of its predecessor and explored a creative, yet conservative range of scissors to bring out your best and realest expressions! From rose gold to black, and everything in between, your personality shines with our colorful range of choices!

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