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Be On The Cutting Edge With Matsui’s VG10

September 06, 2018

Centuries ago, manufacturing Japanese blades normally took several days or weeks, and was highly regarded as sacred workmanship. The traditionally accompanied by an impressive array of Shinto religious rituals that were passed on from one generation to the next. As with many complex undertakings, several craftsmen were included as opposed to a solitary specialist. The Japanese were dedicated to perfecting each part of the process, taking years of mastery before being regarded as an expert in the craft. Following this tradition, the blade makers of Matsui with Scissor Tech Australia the proudly presents a new line that will change the face of hairdressing as we know it.

The VG10 Range

The VG10 Range is the newest state-of-the-art blade technology that is offered by Scissor Tech Australia. These premium tools are developed by Matsui Scissors, a company that has been trusted by hairdressers worldwide; known for its superb value, its wide array of scissors that suit every single cutting style, and its ergonomic design that makes hairdressing easy.

With better quality steel than Matsui's standard range, these exclusive scissors are superior to Damascus steel. Boasting of the finest cobalt-mixed edges that the market has to offer, these scissors are extraordinary for slide cutting since it remains razor-sharp for longer timeframes.

At the Offset

This first article of the three-part series discusses the offset feature of the Matsui VG10 Range.

Scissor Tech Australia

There are advantages to the different handle design types, but the most important one is what feels comfortable for you as a stylist. This will vary from individual to individual depending on the shape of their hand and their cutting style. The main types of handle design are:

  • Level handle—the basic design, the handles are symmetrical and look quite straight.
  • Crane handle—similar to an offset handle although the top handle is very straight, allowing a lower elbow position.
  • Offset handle—one handle is longer than the other which allows a more open hand position and for the arm and elbow to be in a lower position when cutting which is generally more comfortable.

Of all the handle designs, the VG10 Range specified offset handles to its pairs to maximize the comfort of the hairdresser. The elbows of the stylist are closer to his/her body with this design; avoiding unnecessary actions like “chicken-winging” of the arms.

The “chicken wing.”Taken fromPixabay under the Creative Commons License (CC0).

Another commendable feature of the VG10 is its premium mountain blade. The mountain blade acts like a spine, adding rigidity, particularly at the tips. This feature assists the stylist in pushing the hair onto the fine, razor-sharp edge to make a softer cut.

Mountain Blade Hair scissors that have an edge angle of 40 - 45 degrees with a blade line radius of 850mm and are generally used for Chip, Blunt and Point cutting, while the Point and Chip Cut specifically requires an approach angle between 45 – 60 degrees. With its strength in the middle of the scissors, this unique blade type helps the hair fall into the cut since it has a stronger tip than other shears.

Combining these two features, theMatsui VG10 offset scissor is the ultimate tool for general purpose cutting. The lightweight design and offset handle provides the ease of use, making it possible to cut for longer periods of time without added stress to the stylist; while the mountain blade provides durability for the scissors to make precise cuts.

Watch out for the next part of this series as we feature the VG10 Thinning Scissors and the importance of using mixed metals for your shears.

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