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Cleaning Scissors And Why You Can't Use Chemicals On Coloured Scissors

April 03, 2023


If you haven't noticed by now, here at Scissor Tech we take scissor care very seriously ! After all these scissors are an investment. We know how much you love your scissors and want to keep them looking and feeling their best for many years to come!

Cleaning scissors

Hairdressing scissors certainly get a lot of use. Most stylists use them multiple times a day, everyday. After each client you will notice a lot of hair on your scissors. Your client does not want your previous clients' hair on them when you're cutting their hair. This is why cleaning them between each client is so important.

When you receive a pair of scissors from scissor tech you will notice out little scissor care pack. In there you will find a soft microfibre clean cloth. This cloth is there to ensure you give your scissor blades a proper cleaning. After every client use this cleaning cloth to wipe off your scissor blades, making sure to remove any leftover tiny pieces of hair, products and other dirt. You can use a tiny drop of rubbing alcohol to clean and sterilise your blades. Rubbing alcohol also known as isopropyl alcohol helps to prevent any rust spots on your blades. Using other cleaning and sterilising products, like Barbicide or hand sanitizer can leave behind a sticky residue and also cause rust over time. You can use warm water to clean your blades as well. However it is important to remember to make sure to completely dry them, or your scissor blades will get rust spots.

It is important to remember to also apply oil every day to your scissor blades. Using a small amount of scissor oil at the point where the blades meet open and close your shears to loosen any left behind hair fragments. Use a clean cloth to wipe the excess oil from your scissors.

Keeping your hair cutting scissors clean and build up free will help them cut better longer. Not taking proper care of your new scissors can cause those sharp edges to become dull quicker. This leads to scissors that pull, push and catch hair. This is uncomfortable for you .. and your clients !

Don't Forget...

It is important to remember to store your scissors safely in a protective case. Regular cleaning is important but if you forget to store them safely away after cleaning you may be causing more damage then good. Scissors should not be exposed to any chemicals, such as colour or perm solution. Liquid spills can happen, so it is important to always keep your scissors safely stored away. If there is a spill, even just water, and your scissors are not towel dried immediately this can lead to rust and corrosion . A case or a station mat will also prevent accidental dropping of your scissors. Dropping your scissors can be a tough one to fix. This is why we always recommend using your case !

Coloured Scissors

If you're browsing the Scissor Tech website you have most likely come across our amazing rose gold hair scissors -CHECK THEM OUT HERE. Or our very fun Neon Pink hair scissorsHERE. The colouring on these scissors is the best ! However coloured hair scissors won't stay as beautiful as the day you get them without proper cleaning and care! We don't recommend using any chemicals on coloured scissors. Keeping them away from chemicals will help prevent rusting and other issues with the colour coating. You can use hot water to keep your coloured hair scissors clean. Always make sure to wipe each blade completely dry with a towel or dry cotton cloth making sure there is no moisture left! Especially if you're leaving them at your station overnight. Your hair cutting scissors do not like to be wet!

It is important to remember to oil your coloured hair scissors as well. However, it is also important to remember to remove the excess oil. Too much oil sitting on your scissors is not good either. Wipe them well after cleaning and oiling them. This will help protect them and keep their colour looking so good... for so long!

We've got you covered!

Now before you get too worried about how you will find all these extra scissor care products, we should let you know that we include them with every hairdressing scissors purchase. Your scissors will arrive to you in a soft, padded protective case, and with a small hair scissors care kit. We are here to not only supply you with the best quality and most affordable scissors out there, but also to help you give them the best life possible! If you have any other scissor care questions, we are always here to answer them!

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